2014-09-02 maker meet

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Started 6:05 pm.
Adjourned 7 pm.

Reviewed work done over the weekend, assigned some tasks required for future work and made an appeal to makers and members for some volunteer help needed to finish the new computer lab.


@ the space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL


Chris Lais, member
Shawn, Pearson, member
John Rhymes, member
Shirley Hicks, member
JC Porras, member


  • new members
  • upcoming events
  • projects



New makers who've joined over the past two weeks:

Ann Brantley
Paul Brown
Richard Morgans
Aneil Panjwani
Samir Sayed
Toby Stansell
Welcome them when you see them!
Report on work done on in the space over Labor Day weekend
Computer Lab 2.0 walls repaired by Steven Wyss and Paul Brown, and painted by Shirley Hicks and John Rhymes.
Rear door successfully opened by Steven Wyss and Paul Brown.

Call for volunteers to do Computer 2.0 construction tasks - see Trello Space Work board

JC & Chris - will develop an estimate of needed electrical capacity (current towers, monitors, big screen display & and anticipated devices in use in lab)
Shawn will build work surface from 3 x 4' x 8' 3/4" plywood if transport can arranged. Who has a truck and some time? Contact Shawn.
Shirley will paint once built.
Additional volunteers with electrical knowledge needed to add an electrical circuit and switch 2 prong to 3 prong.
Shawn will make time to run additional required electrical conduit.

JC's future computer & linux classes depend on finishing this lab! If this is finished by Sept 30th, JC promises to run two weeks of back-to-back Linux classes!

RMM internet & wifi still flakey - JC to talk to Mykel to get the go ahead to fix the problem.


Illuminated exit signs required for insurance - Kyle is coming to do estimate on Thursday evening Sept 4th
Power car - Shawn reports that some mods are required. Need crew from to make the chasing dinosaur! Contact Shawn.
Deadline for project completion - October 2nd. Power Car to race at the Oct 4 - 5 | Atlantic Maker Faire.
Reviewed revised maker & member application forms. (Will be attached to printed minutes) No objections to this version.

Back Burner

Following items still outstanding, no further progress.

  • Vaping in space - Evan found this study on the effects
  • Any objections to new website look? - Ann Gillett is ready to deploy.
  • Proposed standing rule regarding cleaning up in space - JC & Shirley
  • Request for members to begin putting their names, contact info & storage spot on their equipment on loan to the space.
  • map proposal
  • AC down


None taken