2014-09-09 maker meeting

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Meeting started: 6:15 pm Adjourned: 7:20 pm


@ the space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL


Shirley Hicks, member
Shawn Pearson, member
Chris Lais, member
Trae Watson, member
John Rhymes, member
Ian , member
Mark Gilbert, maker


Shirley Hicks, member


  • Approval of minutes from previous members meeting, September 2nd.
  • Upcoming Events
  • Inventory system
  • Atlanta Maker Faire weekend
  • Call for Treasurer nominations
  • Projects
    • Mark Gilbert - device development prototyping proposal
  • Membership nominations & votes


Mark Gilbert - proposal to make prototypes within the maker space.
Equipment inventory project
Power car project for Atlanta Maker Faire
Need new Treasurer
New member nominations


Computer Lab 2.0 - additional work required

Back Burner

  • Language for standing rules
  • Vaping



Mark Gilbert - proposal to make prototypes within the maker space.
Needs skill sets - physical machining capability & programming. Contact Mark directly for additional details. This should be an interesting project.
Date for "Label Your Stuff & Equipment Inventory Night" work night set for Monday, September 22 at 6:30 pm.
Shirley to update paypal button on website as per Baird's request.
Shawn brought group up to speed regarding Power Car Racing at the Atlanta Maker Faire.
  • Car mods running close to max budget, need team for mascot creation.
  • Need drivers for the project and batteries. Nickel Metal Hydride. Motor is 32 Volts. Shawn to put together battery details for an appeal for maker group.
  • Shawn attending Atlanta Maker Faire Sunday, October 5th. Qualifying race is at 11 am October 4th. 3 pm Heat One skit & road course. 3:30 pm Heat Two. Finale Road course at 4:30 pm Endurance race Sunday 1 pm. Call for volunteers! Shawn needs pit crew for Saturday and Sunday, also needs drivers for Saturday.
  • Also need volunteer staff to man the race. Will be helping out with track setup, race marshalling and race day tasks.
Solar Tour at the Blount County Commune October 4 & 5th. Some makers attending. See new event on Meetup.
David Johnson has submitted his resignation as Treasurer. Requesting nominations and candidates to stand for Treasurer.
James Nylen nominated for membership by Trae. Seconded by Shirley. Vote to be taken at next membership meeting.


Computer Lab 2.0 - Shawn and Trae made arrangements to get plywood to build the lab desks.
Leave Computer Lab 2.0 electrical as is, we will make do.

Back Burner

  • Language for standing rules
  • Vaping


Mark Gilbert, maker, for member, All in favor (6) opposed (0)
September meeting minutes approved all in favor (6) opposed (0)