2014-09-23 Maker meeting

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sept 23rd maker meeting


@ the space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL


Shirley Hicks, member
James Nylen, member
trae, member
shawn, member
chris lais, member
jc, member
john rhymes, member


  • Upcoming Events
    • Field trip proposal - Auburn University's Polymer & Textiles Engineering department
    • Application submitted to Woodlawn Community Fair - late (deadline was September 21st. $15.00 charge for table and tent.


  • Projects
  • MSDS documentation offer from Shirley's husband Mark.
  • Fundraising proposal - LAN party -- Shirley
    • Confirm work required to ensure that IT infrastructure is sufficiently robust.
  • board meeting date
  • electrician update


Report on Equipment Inventory night
Computer Lab 2.0 status
Shape Lab 2.0 status
Fiber Lab status

Back Burner


  • Shirley trying to get together textiles trip to Auburn. M-F 3pm tentative
  • Woodlawn community faire - RMM okay with fronting $15 late fee?
  • Woodlawn Business Association Meeting - will we be attending?
  • The Big Pitch - what else do we need to have besides the business plan...Trae is wanting to enter
  • MSDS documents review by Mark - Shirley’s Husband
  • LAN Party - Shirley is requesting someone help her who has run one before - JC volunteered
  • AT&T is not working well - maybe considering Brighthouse?
  • What day for for new board meeting? Oct 1
  • James proposes having a sound room- he has studio 8track sound card and mics
  • sunday morning computer lab work
  • linux class moves monday night
  • game night is friday night
    • migrating domain
  • james suggests vps atlantic.net monthly $5.50 per month
  • amazon suggested by mykel
  • dreamhost cloud flare
  • concerns about public accessability from chris
    • Board meeting Oct 1st wednesday 6:30pm
  • mark reviewing vaping
  • russell going post to crimp on friday
  • standing rule proposal to make storage drawers $10 each. $45 total member rate.