2014-10-07 maker meeting

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Oct 7th, 2014
Started 6pm
FInished 7:22 pm.


@ the space, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL


Trae Watson, member
Shirley Hicks, member
Chris Lais, member
JC Porras, member
Russell Holcombe, member
John Rhymes, member


  • Upcoming Events
  • Projects
    • Power car race update
  • internet provider update-Trae
  • Getting Regions debit card
  • drawers $10 - vote?
  • 3d printer update
  • Woodlawn Community Fair Oct 11th
  • Computer Lab update


  • Approval of last meeting's minutes 2014-09-30_Maker_Meeting#Minutes
  • Lillis Taylor is resigning as a member
  • A/C is working! Request regarding settings.
  • Atlanta Maker Faire Power car race update
  • RMM bank account - debit cards
  • makerspace 501(3)c application - update
  • Nov 10th field trip car-pool to Auburn University's Polymer & Textiles Engineering department – update.
  • Meeting with landlord regarding lease
  • Storage locker rates
  • 3D printers - status report
  • Black mold issue in Shape Lab 2.0
  • Show kit


  • Woodlawn Community Fair Oct 11th
  • brighthouse
  • check at&t
    • Request (if possible) that Mykel make router log of router performance available for discussion with AT&T?
    • Question - are they delivering service as specified contract.
  • Migrating domain - discuss & vote? host
  • Standing rule proposal to make storage drawers $10 each? poll membership results
    • Electrical - $600 to install exit signs required for insurance.

Back Burner

  • Sound room
  • photo lab
  • lab standing rules



  • Approved old minutes 2014-09-30_Maker_Meeting#Minutes
  • Lillis Taylor is resigning as a member - has turned in her keys.
  • A/C is working! - just in time for the heating season!
    • Power car race update
      • Failed miserably in that equipment broke, deadlines slipped, but the team arrived on time, competed successfully, and completed 10 laps before a tie rod broke.
      • Car took a while to warm up, and the course slope challenged the engine and power supply on the uphill slope.
      • Car turns on a dime. Shan Moore, second driver, popped a two-wheeled maintaining speed on one of the turns.
      • Kudoes to Russell Holcombe for the car's structural welding. Work was well done and robust.
      • Ella Smith, space visitor - helped a lot with the paper mache dinosaur.
      • Trae and Russell to create wiki project page to document the car.
    • Proposal - please do not set A/C lower than 75˚F - the cooler temps show up on our electrical bill.
  • RMM bank account - two debit cards ordered to aid in online and store payments. The Treasurer and Chair will each hold one.
  • Shirley has a sample makerspace 501(3)c application. Will be rewriting for RMM this week.
  • Nov 10th field trip car pool to Auburn University's Polymer & Textiles Engineering department - trip set for 3 pm - 5 pm.
    • Shirley suggests that members going on the trip meet in groups of 2-4 at mutually agreeable spots in the city instead of coming to the space. This will help all members get south of the city before the rush hour starts.
  • Meeting this week with landlord this week for lunch at Whole Foods - Thursday, October 9th. Shirley to change her Thursday afternoon open lab times so that she may attend.
    • Standing rule proposal - Storage locker rates to be $15/mo. Members discussed $10 vs. $15 per locker. All members aware of the affordability issue, but also are aware that the space has overhead costs (rent, electrical, water) which must be met to ensure continued operation. Must be a space member to rent a locker. Option to revisit rate in future (three to six months out), as part of adjusting revenue streams and membership payment structure once work of establishing the first phase of the space is complete.
  • 3D printers - ROBO3d Handoff/ the RMM kit needs to be reengineered in order to be functional. Steven Wyss working on this with Chris Lais.
  • Black mold in Shape Lab 2.0 - to be ripped out as part of the demo process.
  • Show kit - Shirley has purchased 11 yards of black fabric for 2 table covers/drapes and is aiming to have them ready for the Woodlawn Community Fair on Saturday.
  • Need more promo cards - Shirley OK'd to order more.


  • Woodlawn Community Fair Oct 11th 1 - 5 pm - RMM is attending and will have a booth.
    • Shirley to check that we have electricity supply at the table/booth.
    • Russell agreed to get a photobook made to tell the story of designing and engineering Pretty Girl, our power car.
      • Call for Makers to be available to drive Clever Girl at the October 11th Woodlawn Community Fair. We need you at the booth! Need help transporting Alison the Dinosaur to the show site at 55th Street Place. You can do demonstration drives with Pretty Girl!
  • New ISP proposals for Atlantic.net, Amazon & Dreamhost.
    • Our website and wiki are currently hosted at Dreamhost as part of Shirley's personal service package. We need additional tools and capacities as RMM grows. As an organization, it's time to move out to our own service package.
    • Each proposal has come from members who use these services - volunteers require to evaluate. Please let Trae know if you can help with this. Would like an objective evaluation as soon as possible.
    • Discussed vaping again. This is a contentious issue. Proposed standing rule can be seen at Proposed language for Vaping Rule


  • Shirley nominated Celeste Pfau for membership, Chris Lais seconded. Celeste has attended many HacknCraft nights at the space, and is contributing through the window cover project, which she is working on with JC. Celeste is keenly interested in learning to run the Fiber Lab equipment. Vote will be held at next membership meeting on October 14th.


Approved September 30th minutes - 6 yea, 0 nay.
Standing rule - lockers to be $15/mo. 5 yea, 1 abstention.