2014-10-11 Woodlawn Community Fair

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55th Place South, Birmingham, AL (Woodlawn neighborhood)
Parking: Park at municipal parking lot beside RMM

Event organizers

Woodlawn Street Market
(205) 482-2650

Event cost

$15 for one table and 10' x 10' show canopy.

Event notes

  • We arrived promptly at time requested by organizers and were able to unload and set up in 15 minutes.
  • Had requested electrical supply for video and to run the compressor required for paper rocket launching. This was provided by a very loud and noisy generator. Drowned out music for dance crew.
  • Foot traffic volume - low. Was first year for this event. Also, competing events elsewhere in city, Cask & Drum, & the Susan G. Konen Run for the Cure were competing for time and attention.

Post event analysis

  • The Clever Girl & Alison T-rex drew a lot of attention when they finally arrived. Use for future events.
  • Paper rockets & the launcher were big hits with the kids. Set up one table as an assembly area when doing the rockets (no table cloth, Black plastic cover?). Electrical supply required for air compressor & glue gun.
  • Any class or subject area that we are actively promoting should have an associated demo activity at the event.
  • Electricity should be provided by power cords - not generators. (if generator located next to table or tent, very difficult to talk over)

What we did during the fair

  • Explain what maker spaces are about.
  • Set off paper rockets with kids using compressed air.
  • Drove The Clever Girl around the site.
  • Collected names and email addresses of people interested in knowing about upcoming classes.

After event

  • Returned materials to space.
  • Books, display rack returned to position in meeting room.
  • Show kit put away in the Member Storage area.