2014-11-04 Maker meeting

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Tuesday 6:50pm November 4th


Woodrow Hall 5502 1st ave n


  • John
  • chris
  • trae
  • steven W
  • matt robins


  • upcoming Events
  • projects
  • fire inspection
    • work days: Thursday, Saturday, Tuesday (hosts)
    • Interior walls, ceiling, floor patching (russell; saturday, sunday)
    • repair door knobs/removing doors (Steven; sunday)
    • replace bulbs
    • Extinguishers (James)
    • clear off top shelf in hack zone
    • cover outlets (trae; thursday)
    • replace/install 5 fixtures; replace exposed wires (Steven, jc; sunday)
    • door knobs on back doors (trae; thursday, tuesday)
    • remove studs in back room (trae, trae; thursday)
  • Insurance accepted
    • Thanks to all that helped
  • Ricks father has photo equipment if anyone is available to pick it up
  • Printer part replacement
    • $275 [1]
    • $48 [2]
    • Total $323
    • Wyss to check for other source



  • JC ask for assist in completing the led matrix, john and neil will assist on Tuesday nights on microcontroller.
  • Trae mentioned the deadline for the insurance company which is november 5th, compliance for exit signs, which was done last week. It has been very hard to get with the landlord about the lease.
  • Trae is asking for makers to come 4-6pm everyday leading up to sunday.
  • Clearing the hallways is a priority, thursday, take the computers casing to technical knockout.
  • Bright House is installing the internet on tomorrow October 29th from 2pm-4pm. Call to any maker to be at the location with key to install the service. Install of modem on computer lab.
  • Chris is making a list for parts to fix the old 3d printer.
  • JC mentioned about moving the items from rooms to keep room availability to members. Trae mentioned it is not priority, it maybe moved last.
  • John got the library into data and needs to upload it to the wiki, any help from other makers would help, John will get with James on it.
  • Trae wanted to relay from Rick to pickup photo equipment from his father.
  • Celeste has already some of the equipment, we want to take a look at the equipment.
  • Rick has scoped an RFID to order, touch bases on opinions on it, get with Rick.
  • Bruce brought maker faire material.

Back Burner

  • Sound room
  • photo lab
  • lab standing rules