2014-11-18 makers meeting

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Started: 6:10 pm
Adjourned 7:14 pm


RMM Space, 5502 1st Avenue N. Birmingham, AL


Chris Lais
JC Porras
Mykel Alvis
James Nylen
Trae Watson
Shirley Hicks
Guest: Lynnette Pope



  • upcoming Events
  • meetings on wednesday
  • non-profit donations from vmware
  • Parts needed for color laser printer
    • Payment system for consumables
  • Mykel went to Woodlawn Foundation meeting
  • projects
  • Celeste's loom project proposal.


Back Burner



Upcoming Events

  • UAB composites visit
    • Trae has arranged a visit to UAB's School of Engineering composites department to learn more about composites and to become familiar with their facilities.
    • Interested members who can attend should reply via Meetup.
  • There has been a problem getting more members out to space meetings. Trae proposed holding meetings on Wednesdays to see if this would increase attendance. JC asked if meetings could be held later, at 7 pm, as traffic can be a problem for some people. Trae will talk to members and seek input
  • Non-profit donations from VMWare.
    • Mykel wanted to get clarification of group status as VMWare will match employee charitable donations.
    • Shirley stated that donations should be made to the School Factory on our behalf.
    • Shirley to email specifics to Mykel.
  • Parts needed for color laser printer - (insert price)
    • Mykel, Shirley and Trae stated the importance of making sure that we have a payment system to cover the cost of consumables.
    • Want to ensure that we can recover cost of running the equipment
    • Shirley and Chris to determine pricing and breakeven points for color prints.
  • Celeste went to Chelsea Alabama, and retreived a LOOM that would look very good in the Front Lobby space where the Dinosaur currently resides. It looks like it will work once put together and it will bring many good projects into this world.
    • Members attending meeting had concerns regarding how much space the larger loom would take in the front room, and how it would work in combination with the sofa, picnic table and Allison the T-rex. Conclusion - there wasn't enough space. Also, until workshop work is finished, we don't have a place to stash Allison elsewhere in the space.
      • Decision made to put the loom in FiberLab and to remove one of the smaller ones.
What to do with Allison the dinosaur? Bit of a space constraint?
Hang from ceiling?
  • Composite labs tour on Friday, November 21st, 4:30 pm
  • Georgia Institute of Tech trip, Thursday, December 3rd.
  • Mykel's report from the Woodlawn Business Association
    • He's been attending the meetings when he can (are on Tuesday mornings) and says that the group should have a representative at them.
    • Mykel to let Trae and Shirley know when the next one is scheduled.
  • Myke suggested talking to the 9-n-9 group regarding the old Woodworkers Union building, 4924 Messer Highway.
    • Likely to need substantial work (Mykel took a look)
    • This would require funding.
    • This is something that we should learn more about and see how it potentially fits into long term plans.
    • Any plans for acquisition would need to be for about three years out and would require planning and financing substantial renovation before use.
  • Fire inspection & Shape Lab project update: We've passed the insurance tfire inspection, now workingo complete work needed for city fire inspection before Thanksgiving.
    • Had to ask for extension past two month November 12th deadline.
    • Wood needs to be moved out of the back area so that landlord can start renovation work on the space.
    • Trae needs help Thursday from 3 pm - 7 pm to stash lumber.
    • Mykel offered to move anything that won't fit in the attic to one of his storage locations.
  • Shirley reported that draft 501(c)3 supporting documentation is complete. Tentative review meeting set for Sunday November 23rd.
  • Mykel has purchased a CNC milling machine kit. Will bring it to the space for use, but won't be leaving it, as mechanisms are a bit twitchy (and dangerous).
    • Mykel suggest that when the group has funds available, that it investigate purchasing a Carvey. He will report back on his use experience.
    • He paid $1300; there is a kit version for $600 that includes the hardware, but not the controlling computer.
    • Will be willing to do a demo once he has assembled it, tested it and has a project with which to work.
    • It can handle up to a 1 meter x 1 meter work area.
    • Will not substitute for a laser cutter.
  • Trae proposed prioritizing the Equipment Wish List so that we can point to clear priority purchases.
    • Trae to do so.
  • Industrial Brother machine getting a baseline cleaning and service Wednesday am.
  • Shirley taking White Overlock serger to Homewood Sewing Mart for new cutting blades and service.


Chris reports that 3D printer now printing. If you are interested in using it, please contact Chris.

Back Burner

  • Sound room
  • photo lab
  • lab standing rules


vote in favor of folding space-time - all in favor, nay - 0.
No decision regarding Celete's proposal to take one of the smaller older looms home so that she can figure out how to get it working (up to Celeste). Big loom won't work in the front room. Not enough room.