2014-11-23 501(3)c working group meeting

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Sunday, November 22nd, 2014

Started: 7 pm
Finished: 8:00 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue North, B'ham AL 35212


Trae Watson, member
Shirley Hicks, member
Russell Holcombe, member
Steven Wyss, member
John Rhymes, member
Lynnette Pope, maker



  • Review 501(3)c application process
  • Review specific considerations for RMM

Working docs

Non-profit application documentation page



  • Reviewed 501(3)c application process
    • Shirley mentioned that Sandy Deja's ebook was an excellent guide, detailing what the IRS staff reviewing applications look for, along with potential stumbling blocks.
  • Reviewed specific considerations for RMM.
  • Decision made to form an application working group, separate from the Board. All interested RMM members & makers invited to participate.
  • Shirley requested that working group (and all interested RMM members) please bring feedback regarding our proposed plans for the next two years, which are included in the narrative, to the next meeting of the working group. We must document them to the best of our ability - it is understood by the IRS that we are predicting to the best of our ability and that things may change.
  • Financial information will not be incorporated until January, as our treasurer, James Nylen. is currently working through group's first year end, along with handling charitable donation submissions. Shirley and James to update both the business plan financials and the application financials at that time.

Next meeting date set for Monday, November 15th, at 7 pm.