2014-11-25 maker meeting

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  • Maker meeting
  • Start 1810hrs
  • Finish 1910hrs


RMM 5502 1st ave N



  • Trae Watson
  • Chris Lais
  • Russell Holcombe
  • John Rhymes
  • Mykel Alvis



  • New Items to the agenda?

• You've heard of them. We all have them. Makers may bring their experiences, day-to-day knowledge and imaginative minds to collaborate in groups or all together on attainable, successful and productive ideas. These ideas will invest in our community by creating jobs, possibly new industry, create revenue for participants and put RMM on the map as a viable resource.

  • Review of past events
    • UAB materials engineering visit

• Machines being used, and costs involved with civilian orders. • Discussion of options for other options (less costly and involved) than UAB materials and compounds lab. • Use of natural materials. • Knowledgeability of lab host ‘guy in charge’. • Comparison of labs between Huntsville (verbal knowledge) and UA B

  • upcoming Events
    • GIT Engineering Thursday, December 4th. to meet at Woodrow Hall by 1:30 PM, carpool?

• Carpool? Russell offered to drive 7 passenger van. If our group is smaller we can drive a more economical vehicle. 4 participants at the time of our meeting. • We will meet at Woodrow Hall for carpooling. Please plan according, as we will be onsite by 4:30 PM

  • Trae talked to members by email about moving maker meets. all positive comments.
    • proposed vote on Wednesday 7pm maker meets

  • pick up or viewing of equipment from rick curls dads place wednesday nov 26th
    • Rick Curl ***VISIT*** Wednesday, 11/26/2014 by 5:30 pm cst to check out equipment/materials. If there are small items available please consider loading them on this day. Ask for address of Rick Curl’s place and contact number for directions.
    • Rick Curl ***PICKUP DAY *** December 1st, Monday 5:30 pm cst to pick up heavy/large items. Ask for address of Rick Curl’s place and contact number for directions.

  • Mid month 501c3 committee meetings

• Action items • Conflict of interest • Revenue

  • Mykel Alvis will be removing the materials/PCs at the end of the hallway adjoining the shop (back room). Recycling and disposal are the options. This task will help the aesthetics of our space, and increase safety. Any help would be appreciated. Please contact Mykel.


  • remaining work on rear room
    • Hallway doors to back shop will be boarded up during the installation of materials by the owner of Woodrow Hall, Andrew Morrow.
  • door installation
    • Russell (and Trae) will be re-installing the shop door to open into the shop.
  • removal of cabinets
    • To be placed outside and/or at another location during back room construction by Andrew.
    • Mykel offered to move anything that won't fit in the attic to one of his storage locations.
    • removal of shelf
  • Non-profit donations from VMWare, Success.
    • Mykel's company/owner of will be matching
    • Successful VM donation by mykel
  • Shirley and Chris to determine pricing and breakeven points for color prints.

• Rates or costs to have printers operational. We will hold off on deciding (or ordering) until we approve all costs are accurate and the parts are readily available.

  • Georgia Institute of Tech trip, Thursday, December 3rd.
    • CORRECTION! GIT trip is DECEMBER 4TH. See above minutes of discussion on GIT.
    • Mykel to let Trae and Shirley know when the next business meeting is scheduled.

  • Review of 4924 Messer Airport location for 3 years out
  • 4924 Messer Airport Road, Birmingham, AL
    • 1. A few members have looked at the building up close and from afar to determine this may be a great structure with tremendous opportunity; however, there is a tremendous amount of work that would need to be completed.
    • 2. This building would require approval for acquisition to use as our Makers Space.
    • 3. Our perspective to date was that it is attainable, that we could build it and that we can make it stronger.
    • 4. We will focus our energies on Woodrow Hall going forward. Our priority is to ‘MAKE’ Red Mountain Makers a community name.
    • Cons:

• Broken windows • Run down and looted

    • Pros:

• Great location • Aid ducting systems in place • Two (2) roll up doors with driveways • Courtyard

  • Trae proposed prioritizing the Equipment Wish List so that we can point to clear priority purchases.
    • Trae to do so.
    • A reminder to post on our Wiki any Needs and Wants and/or in Money Pools at the following:


  • Industrial Brother machine got a baseline cleaning and service Wednesday am.

Back Burner



  • Wednesday 7pm maker meets
  • Makers Meetings proposed Wednesday evening by 7pm cst.
    • 3 yay, 1 maybe (total 4 participants at the time of vote)