2014-12-03 board meeting

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Board meeting, Wednesday, December 3rd.
Started: 7 pm
Finished: 8:44 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Chris Lais, member-at-large
Russell Holcombe, member-at-large
James Nylen, treasurer
Shirley Hicks, secretary
Trae Watson, chair


Mykel Alvis, member-at-large
Shawn Pearson, vice-chair


Landlord A. was supposed to come and talk about the lease.
Landlord A. did not show.
When Trae called, Landlord A. promised to attempt to get here by 8:30 pm
When he called again at 8:30 pm, Landlord A. did not respond. Left message requesting a Saturday afternoon meeting. If not that, then are requesting meeting with a Community Properties liason (Landlord B or representative).