2014-12-28 Maker meeting

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Sunday Night Makers meeting
Started: 6:04 pm
Finished: 6:46 pm


Red Mountain Makerspace, 5502 1st Avenue N, Birmingham, AL


JC Porras, member
Steven Wyss, member
Russell Holcombe, member
Mykel Alvis, member
Lynette Pope, maker
Celeste Phau, member
Chris Lais, member
Trae Watson, member
Knox Franklin, member


  • Daniel Williams
  • Dennis Williams
  • Steph M.


  • Moderator and minutes taker
  • Upcoming events
  • Projects
  • Community outreach update
  • Grant writers update
  • Lab host updates
  • Approvals of funding
  • UAB Sponsored RoboCamp letter
  • Table saw switch with bill hudsen


  • Review old [1]
  • Fermentation Station by John Rhymes, Steve Wyss and Steph M - A collaboration of ideas for equipment in hand, end results and types of materials/mediums to use - TBD
  • Open House - Mykel Alvis is reviewing opportunities
  • Lynette is testing cleaners on the concrete floors to determine the best solution for resolving the glue/tar buildup from previous floor (ages old) installations.



Print Lab Host - John Rhymes

Back Burner


Moderator and Secretary - no volunteers. JC Porras to moderate meeting, Russell Holcombe to take minutes. Reviewed minutes from December 21st meeting. Approved by membership.


Community Outreach Update

Steven Cochrall is placing us in touch with Lee Hancock and giving us a reference for build out in back of Woodrow Hall.

Lab host updates

JC - Cafe station(s) will be modified

Approvals of funding

None at this time


The Curl family once again opened up their parents home to RMM members to select items that would be of use to the space

Saturday afternoon. Some of the items acquired:

  • PC power supplies
  • PC USB cables
  • PC PS2 mice
  • Medicine cabinet
  • Routers Wifi
  • Knitting needles
  • CD Rom drives
  • Printer ink cartridges and refill kits
  • Plastic bins
  • Wooden chest
    • WESLEY BENEFIELD - ¼ in Teflon tubing, server with 2 HDs, small heat shrink tubing and a stack of books. Mykel Alvis has had the donation paper details completed. The details are located in our office.
    • BILL - The table saw acquired from the Curl's home is temporarily being stored by Trae truck temporarily. Trade w/Bill his table saw for Rick’s in Trae’s truck approved by all those attending.



  • Nomination for Print Lab Host - John Rhymes – All present voted in favor, none opposed.

Lab updates