2015-01-04 Board Meeting

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Board meeting, Sunday, January 4th, 8:30 pm.
Started: 5:10 pm
Finished: 6:36 pm
This is a very late December 2014 meeting.


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Chris Lais, member-at-large
Shawn Pearson, vice-chair
Russell Holcombe, member-at-large
James Nylen, treasurer
Shirley Hicks, secretary
Trae Watson, chair


Mykel Alvis, member-at-large


  • upcoming Events
  • projects
  • Treasurer's report
  • Outreach
  • Review conversation with andrew
  • costs of Three plans
    • 3 years in current space, with back floor finished, lease signed $900.00
    • Go to new space across street, with basic buildout and a five year lease. Can go up to $900.
    • Need to talk to Morrow Sr.
    • We have equipment coming in, shop equipment ready to move in.
    • stay
    • stay then go across the street
    • go elsewhere
  • Grant writers update
    • 9in9
    • other locations
    • Leigh Hancock
    • Funding costs of back room
  • Set date for AGM (party/open house along side?)



  • see last meeting for previous strategy

Back Burner


  • Review and approve previous board meeting minutes
  • Treasurer's report - James didn't quite have year end done and ready.
  • Review conversation with Andrew Morrow, our landlord.
    • Trae and Lynette told us that they had run into our landlord in the parking lot around December 29th(?). He had agreed to talk to his father regarding coming to a meeting with us regarding preparing to sign a lease. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 8th at 5 pm. Given that we've had trouble getting in touch with him, and have set two meeting dates, only to have him not show, we felt it was important to try one more time so that we can make a stay-go decision.
  • We can't get full use out of the space without getting the permanent workshop set-up. We can't do that without the back room floor being in good repair (equipment will vibrate badly and unpredictably, plus sound will transmit to the hall upstairs).

We met the last deadline for demolition that our landlord had set for the beginning of December, so that his crews could start indoor work after completing other projects. We really, really need that work done.

    • Our business plan is complete and we are ready for the meeting.
  • costs of Three plans
    • Stay - we need to have floor usable in the back of the space.
      • Our rent is cheapest here. We're settled in. We can continue to reno the space. We know we won't be here permanently, but how long?
    • 'Stay, then go across the street - the big question is when? If six to nine months from now, that would be disruptive. We need a longer window (to build community, run classes and build projects). Location across street requires extensive work (new roof, new HVAC, new wiring). Has been out of use for decades. If we go there, landlord will build to suit and help us move, but rent be more for less square footage. On the other hand, we will be able to configure the footage efficiently and would also be better positioned to pay a more market-competitive rate.
    • Go elsewhere. If so, where? We need to learn more about what is available.
    • Funding costs of back room - some discussion as to how to pay for the work that needs to be done in the back room. Member enthusiasm for the work is running low. Options:
  1. RMM pays for a contractor.
  2. RMM pays for a contractor and asks the landlord to waive rent for a month or so (depending on costs)
  3. RMM does a quick and dirty repair ($800) that will suffice for use of space over a short period of time (how ever much longer we are in the space). Most of the materials (mats over patched repairs in the floor) can come with us.
      • Key questions are:
        1. What is the standard required for the work
        2. Who is paying for it?
        3. How much?
  • Set date for AGM (party/open house along side?) - decide on this at the Makers Meet (to follow).


  • see last meeting for previous strategy


Decision to defer rest of lease negotiation preparation until Wednesday, December 7th, 2015 - all in favor (6).