2015-01-04 Maker Meeting

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Date: Jan 4th, 2015
Start; 6:50 pm
End: 7:25 pm


@the space, 5502 1st Avenue N., Birmingham AL 35212


Trae Watson, member, moderator
Shirley Hicks, member
Russell Holcombe, member, minutes
Steven Wyss, member
Chris Lais, member
John Rhymes, member
Lynette Pope. member


  • Moderator and minutes taker
  • Upcoming events
  • Projects
  • Community outreach update
  • Grant writers update
  • Lab host updates
  • Approvals of funding
  • Shooting at Dollar General
  • Future of the space
    • scenarios/cost
    • alternative options
  • bill hudsen to investigate back room costs
    • other quotes welcome (for funding purposes)


Trae moderated meeting.
Russell took minutes.


  • Review and approve minutes from last [1]
  • Linux Class
  • Shirley requested Javascript API help (or volunteer) for specific tasks. Chris lais and JC will volunteer.
  • Meeting Wed night to prep for discussion for landlord/owner on Thursday.
  • Make sure space is clean and tidy for landlord/owner tour on Thursday.
  • Chris Lais requested Microcontroller night host (new) and Steven volunteered.
  • 5pm Sundays for show and tell Sunday
  • John Rhymes – is looking over theMemphis Mid-South Makers wiki for tips on how to write maker space how-to’s (special interest).
  • Steven Cockrell – Trae to talk to him regarding finding contractor?
  • There were shots fired at the Dollar General earlier in the week.


  • Fermentation Station
  • Open House - Mykel Alvis
  • Lynette tested cleaners on the concrete floors. Fiber Lab floor is clean!!!! No more old glue.
  • JC - cafe station(s) will be modified
  • Russell's concrete countertop pour – Sat evening best avail date.
  • Chris Lais – e# printer works. Calibration due to movement. Chris will create a tutorial/demo on 3D printing, Lynette document while watching and learning from Chris.
  • Grant writer updates – no new news. Crestwood Home Depot has posted past/successful events. Lynette suggests partnership with Home Depot. Hoping meeting by next week (update). Steven W suggests keeping records, not duplicating efforts using a project page.
  • John Rhymes – is looking over theMemphis Mid-South Makers wiki for tips on how to write maker space how-to’s (special interest).
  • Steven Cockrell – Trae to talk to him regarding finding contractor?
  • Wednesday meeting plans – discuss Woodrow Hall being readied for UAB program, or find a space that will accommodate within 3 mos. Trae provided details for all participating in Wed meeting… loopnet.com is the 'free' commercial realty site where commercial spaces for sale and rent are advertised. Shirley recommended this site to aid search of a new space.
  • Bill Hudson to help us with backroom cost estimate for completed floor.
  • We need to do a 2nd open house prior to robocamp.
Shirley said that we need to set our first AGM date (annual general meeting) to be discussed (date to have) next meeting. Possibly during Feb.


Back Burner


  • Power Wheels II project announced by Shawn.
  • Making plastic mold for auto grill (front) to continue .

Community Outreach Update

We need to coordinate with Tait Weyland at Code for Birmingham as they start to get city information quantified and standardized. Is some scope for our involvement.
Shirley said that we need to get involved with Tech Birmingham so that potential corporate sponsors know that we exist. New startups (less than two years old) annual membership is $150 and non-profit $500. Shirley to see if we can get the startup rate.
BOSS has decided to run their weekend hackathon event at UAB's Edge of Chaos. They have more appropriate facilities for the crowd that they're anticipating than our space can handle,

Lab updates

Lab host reports

  • Front meeting room - JC – keep the space clean. Monitors+pi. Take and upload photos of all projects for FB, Google docs, shawn to manage projects on FB.
  • Printer Lab - John Rhymes is new host – nominated + voted. Cleaned out kitchen b/c of mouse. Re-baiting with sticky traps.
  • Computer Lab - Chris – reported that its up and going (network is a go). PC’s w/mobo is discovering that there are 11 capacitors on all, which need to be replaced. Recommends no maint until Chris is advised.

Fermentation Station – Steph, John and Steven – Discussing the room across the ckts lab and/or photo lab. Herb, beer, root beer and so on to make. Room will be locked and there will be keyholders to only those of age to enter or use the room. Station will be on hold for remodel of room until lease is signed to avoid any unnecessary maint. Trae to keep veggie oil ‘spinner’ in station.

  • photo lab? - waiting for circuit lab to be cleared.

Approvals of funding