2015-01-11 Maker Meet

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Sunday, January 12, 2015
Started: 6:12 pm
Finished: 7:10 pm


5502 1st Avenue North,


Trae Watson, member
Steven Wyss, member
Chris Lais, member
Shirley Hicks, member
Mark Gilbert, member, moderator
Russell Holcombe, member, minutes


  • upcoming Events
    • YMBC talk, 12 Jan 2015
  • projects
  • UAB visit
  • Negotiation review
  • Lab Host updates
  • Electrical estimate for back room



Back Burner


  • Upcoming Events
    • YMBC talk, 12 Jan 2015
    • Shirley is attending to speak on behalf of RMM on the following topics:
      • What is a Makerspace?
      • Open Source
      • Open HW
      • Open GL
      • Licensing
…and how this involves and aids the community.

Shirley will be discussing all main projects, ideas and business plans with fellow members/makers, which relate to RMM and our community.

  • projects
    • Proposal to start working on the next Power Wheels car iteration for the 2015 Atlanta Maker Faire. Better, faster, stronger. Only Alabama rep, yeah!
    • Russell reported on his concrete counter pour.
    • Second shot was successful- used portland cement mix instead of aggregate as used in test samples (and as originally planned)
      • Sink form was beautiful - perfect pour. Foam displacement worked really well.
      • Full cure will take two weeks. Then Russell will polish it and fill in voids. He will report and post on the project.
      • It will be possible to do some more advanced pour techniques for future space work surfaces and fixtures.
      • Russell thanks everyone (Shirley, Chris, Bonnie, Tom (Tim), Lynette, Trae, Pam and Zack) who came out for the two pours this past two weeks. Just took three hours for the second pour.
    • Steven Wyss & John Rhymes will do first non-alcoholic home-brew root beer batch. Will be started outside the new bio lab, then moved to the fermentation area.
  • UAB visit
    • Steven reported on the site visit to 1911 -> 1719 3rd Avenue South
    • LIked it. Moving forward to find out if we can make arrangements to use it.
    • If we get to the negotiating phase, we will have time to make our case.
    • Trae's reported on the space, number of rooms, condition and layout.
    • Most recent news on negotiations with ‘landlord’…
      • 1 mo off (or a return of materials costs towards rent) rent (approximately $800) if we perform shop floor repairs.
      • If we source contractors, then landlord will pay for services rendered.
      • If production of our space proves more financially secure, then landlord would also consider acquiring a loan (bank loan) to build-out their other building across from Woodrow Hall.
      • Recent meeting with owner of Woodrow Hall otherwise proved to be successful in the area of building relations.
    • Other options: Bruce Lanier's MAKEBhm $6.5/sq. ft./year. Steven's UAB warehouse building is on market for $5/sq. ft./year.
  • Negotiation review
  • Lab Host updates
    • Chris, Print Lab host - have capacitors for the computer rebuild
    • Celeste, Fiber Lab host - Big loom maintenance to begin by this Thursday, so as to make it functional. Volunteers needed. Emily, Miriam and Celeste will be working on it.
  • Electrical estimate for back room
    • Electrical estimate – Electrician Miles Jackson, who worked with Positive Elect provided an estimate of $1950 (including labor) to ‘build to standard’ which will require explosive-proof electrical junction and receptacle boxes. Explosive-proof electrical junction boxes and receptacles are threaded and air tight. This is expensive. One way to avoid this is to have dust collection venting through tubing from each machine.
    • Trae asked Celeste if her father may be available for consultation as he has a very good ventilation set-up within his workshop. Celeste said that she would ask, but that he is out of town for the next few months.


Stephanie Mechachy is nominated as member by Trae (1st), Chris (2nd) and Celeste (3rd). Stephanie Menkachy is nominated as Bio Lab Host by Steven (1st), Chris (2nd) and Celeste (3rd), subject to approval as a new member by attending membership.