2015-01-18 Maker Meet

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Sunday, January 18, 2015
Started: 6:10 PM
Finished: 7:00 PM


@theSpace 5502 1st Avenue North,


  • Upcoming Events
  • Projects
  • Collaborations with other community groups
  • Choose a rep to get to Woodlawn Business Association meetings
  • Tech Birmingham membership $500.00 (non-profit rate)


Trae Watson, member
Shirley Hicks, member
JC Porras, member, minutes
Knox Franklin, maker
Shawn Pearson, member
Steven Wyss, member, meeting moderator
Lynette Pope, member


  • upcoming Events
    • Shirley received email from Nathan Croy of B-Sides Nashville, advising RMM of a one-day gathering of regional IT security professionals,on April 11 at David Lipscomb University. This is a one day, community event featuring 3 tracks of talks with a focus on information security and idea sharing (see the recorded talks from 2014). Nathan Croy extended an invitation to any interested Red Mountain Makers. Shirley is interested in organizing a road trip to attend the event.
  • Projects
    • Knox Franklin announced that he would be building a LED cube project. He asked if anyone else was interested in going in on getting LEDs on building it. He and Steven are to discuss doing a bulk purchase in conjunction with another project. If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact Knox.


  • Collaborations with other community groups
    • Shirley said that Tait Weyland from the Code for Birmingham project had approached her regarding the Red Mountain Makers becoming one of Code for Birmingham's community partners. As part of Code for Birmingham's chapter requirements (as part of Code for America), they are required to work with community partners. At this point, requirements from RMM would be light. But the attending RMM membership expressed some interest in being active participants. Steven also expressed concern that the larger key-holding membership should know about this proposal. We will ask for any objections via the member email list.
    • Trae suggested that some RMM members should attempt to attend the Martin Luther King Day Unity Quit Project work day at UAB's Abrom-Engles Institute for the Visual Arts on Monday January 19th at 10 am. Trae will create an event on Meet-up to advise RMM members and makers of the event.
  • Choose a rep to get to Woodlawn Business Association meetings
    • RMM is now a member of the Woodlawn Business Association. As such, we need a representative to attend the monthly breakfast meeting. The next one is Tuesday, January 27th, at 8:30 am at Social Venture.
      • Steven Wyss agreed to attend. Shirley has agreed to cover if Steven can't make it.
  • John Rhymes reminded everyone that developing equipment with products and prices will help the ad-hoc grant writing committee determine fund raising objectives and allow them to determine which grants we should be applying for. He sent email earlier this week to the Maker list. Trae commented that this needs to be led and coordinated by the individual lab hosts.


  • Shirley talked to Jennifer Skjellum last Thursday regarding what rate RMM needs to pay to become a member of Tech Birmingham. We are a non-profit startup. Jennifer Skjellum, the TB director, told Shirley that TB couldn't give RMM the startup rate of $150/year (for companies less than two years old) but would rather have to pay the $500/year non-profit rate. RMM should eventually become a member of the organization in order to connect with local tech sector companies. Jennifer suggested to Shirley that she become an individual member and use that membership to relay information back to RMM. Shirley and two other RMM members, Steven Wyss and Lynette Pope, will take out Tech Birmingham individual memberships. Edit - at the meeting, Shirley said that it was $50/year. After checking the site (again) it's actually $150.00/year for an individual membership. Individuals taking out the individual membership will report back regarding resources available to decide if group should take out an organization membership.
  • Trae said the new 3D printer it is on its way. He will announce an a meet-up to assemble it once it arrives.
  • Lynette is handing over lead of the grant-writing ad-hoc working group to Steven Wyss, as she needs time for other obligations.


  • Approval of minutes from Sunday, January 11th meeting - All in favor (6), none opposed.
  • Shape Lab host nomination
    • Shirley Hicks nominated Shawn Pearson for Shape Lab host. Steven Wyss seconded. Other nominations invited. Vote to be taken at next meeting.
  • Approval of becoming a community partner with Code for Birmingham - all in favor (6), none opposed.
  • Membership
    • Steph Munkachy voted in as member. All in favor (6), none opposed (0)
  • Biolab host
    • Steph Munkachy voted in as Biolab host. All in favor (6), none opposed (0)