2015-02-15 maker meeting

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Maker Meeting
Started: 6 pm
Finished: 7 pm


@theSpace, 5502 1st Avenue North, Birmingham, AL 35212


Trae Watson, member
JC Porras, member
Kurt Fattig, member
Chris Lais, member
Shawn Pearson, member
Shirley Hicks, member
Lynette Pope, member (late arriving)
David Brunnels, maker
Max Rykov, visitor

Maker Meeting Agenda



Upcoming Events

Projects Proposals

  • Lab Cleanliness Proposal
    • Each lab host creates own policies regarding lab cleanliness
    • General standing rule and insensitive/rotation for RMM cleanliness (kitchen, halls, labs, etc)
  • Dispersal of communicator position to an outreach team or recognise it as an admin position.
  • Lab Host updates
    • Biolab
    • Computer Lab
    • Circuits Lab
    • Fiber Lab
    • meeting room
    • Print Lab
    • Shape Lab


  • Shirley nominates kurt for web admin, baird seconds
  • lab hosts voted on?

Closing announcements

  • Meeting adjourned till next week 6pm
  • fFloor is now open for touring and project show & tell

Back Burner

  • Invitation to Sustainable Cities Hackathon
  • Upcoming UAB/UA/Code for Birmingham/Intel/IBM version of worldwide hackathon with a focus on developing one or two useful community tools.


Review of 2015-02-08 Annual General Meeting

Upcoming events

  • McWane Center Teens & Tech March 14th
    • If you have interested teens, sign them up!
    • They need some adult volunteers with Python programming language & Scratch introductory programming environment skills. If interested, contact Lawrence Cooper (lcoopr@mcwane.org).
  • Invitation to Sustainable Cities Datafest Hackathon - Friday February 20th and Saturday, February 21st, 2015
    • Correction to earlier information - is a one weekend event.
    • Decision made at Code for Birmingham meeting last Wednesday to focus on development of an app to allow for quick checking on derelict property status, a data translation tool to speed conversion of city docs to machine readable versions. Transit application development continuing, but not at the hackathon. Food bus project wasn't far enough along to provide a useful requirements description.
  • Invitation extended for RMM members to take part, information as to project focus to follow once organizing meeting has taken place.
  • wiki/blog workshop, Monday February 16th, 2015
    • Shirley will monitor weather - if it looks like ice and sleet, we will cancel and reschedule.
    • Trae volunteered to run it the following week (if required) as Shirley will be out of town.
  • Report from meeting with Dr. Tanik (UAB School of Engineering Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering), Lynette, & Shirley
    • Lynette & Shirley presented RMM history, "how we got to here", specific concerns regarding keeping group on mission and not permitting the group to be overwhelmed while still small. Also, specific growth challenges (the reno, wanting to grow membership where all who are interested in joining may not be able to afford dues).
    • Dr Tanik presented the department C^2 STEM I^3 outreach program to City of Birmingham middle and high school students which he and his team have developed to encourage student development of critical thinking and budding engineering skills.
    • He is very interested in working collaboratively in the group and wanted to know if we would be interested in partnering in the development of a Bessemer makerspace for use by local high school students along with our members.
    • Lynette and Shirley applauded the effort, but pointed out that RMM was still relatively small and not ready to take this on.
    • Discussed the difference between service focused non-profits and self-organizing activity focused non-profit groups. Made the point that RMM is the later.
    • Dr Tanik wants to see our group grow.
      • At end of meeting, we agreed to exchange promotional materials so that we have their material with us at our outreach events and visa versa. (means we need to finish brochures and press release forms, plus additional posters)
    • Assistance in helping us tap into known sources for surplus equipment.
    • Possibility of UAB faculty speakers coming to our space for talks and to instruct at specific workshops (to be explored).
    • Want to help remove barriers for interested, self-motivated students.
    • From discussion - we need to go back to UAB to remind them that we will be working with other schools and organizations.
    • Conversation and contact to be continued.
    • Central Alabama Regional Science Fair - March 7th - RMM award for Science Fair for category to be determined.
      • Need to determine value and type of prize to be awarded - Lynette to take lead on this.
      • Need judges - Lynette & JC volunteered.
      • Also, need to man RMM table - Shirley will cover if no one else available. Chris available.
  • Max Rykov presented a proposal for Manifest Festival Woodlawn, part of REV Birmingham's series of events this year. Earlier proposed TuneCrawl will be rolled into this. Tentatively scheduled for July
    • Max is In charge of Woodlawn portion of festival
    • Looking to pull in existing business and non-profit organizations in area


  • Trae - creating a Volkswagen "Tucker light" for the front of his car.


  • Lab Cleanliness Proposal - were not able to deal with this at this meeting. Moved to next meeting. Tabled until next meeting.
  • Lab hosts & lead positions
    • Communicator role - dispersal of communicator position to an outreach team or recognise it as an admin position.
      • Form a communications team under Shawn's leadership
  • Lab Host updates - vote take to confirm lab hosts in current roles for next three months.
    • Biolab - Steph Markuchy
    • Computer Lab - Chris Lais
    • Circuits Lab - not assigned yet
    • Fiber Lab - Celeste Pfau
    • Meeting room - JC Porras
    • Print Lab - John Rhymes
    • Shape lab - still Shawn (only there for three weeks)
  • nominations
    • Shirley nominated Kurt for web admin, Baird seconded (email)
    • lab hosts vote taken (see below)
  • Kurt bought additional PLA for 3D printer
  • Closing announcements
  • Meeting adjourned till next week 6pm.

Back Burner


Vote: Approval of 2015-02-08 Annual General Meeting minutes - Six (6) in favor, none opposed (0).
Nomination Kurt Fattig - web admin (record what was in email previous week - Shirley nominated kurt for web admin, Baird seconded).
Vote: Kurt Fattig for Web Admin position - five (5) in favour, one (1) abstention, none (0) opposed.
Vote: formation of communications team under Shawn's leadership - six in favor, none (0) opposed.
Vote: Confirm all lab hosts in current positions - seven (7) in favor, none opposed (0).