2015-02-22 maker meeting

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Russell Holcombe
Shawn Pearson
Trae Watson
Chris Lais
Steven Wyss
John Rhymes
Daniel Near


Maker Meeting Agenda



Meeting minutes 2/15 approval – 8 yeah, 0 opposed.


    • Power Wheel’s race to meet on creating two teams this round.

1) Light weight design 2) Costs 3) Review last year’s Atlanta heat 4) Having two entries or vehicles

  • Steven - Trophy by March 7th UAB (Steven Wyss) – Science Fair. Options to be a judge for the science fair open.
  • Steven – Stained glass opening $150 supplies $100 on four (4) Tuesdays beginning in the Spring.
  • Lynette – Speaking with Celeste on creating RMM logo shirts/clothing for when we volunteer at events and all events.
  • John – GA Tech trip April 23rd to be posted in prep for Spring tour to visit the Invention Studio.
  • Shawn – Whole Foods eggbot as an opening for us to participate. Amanda C. is contact for WF.
    • Jamaica: To aid with creating a Maker’s Space in Jamaica as a non-profit. This is to aid with developing inter-school, middle-school. 1 teacher will be providing assistance.
    • Talk:Standing_rules#Short_Version_of_Rules
      • Space Cleanliness. Each lab host would be responsible for their own lab. Having a rotating member to clean/manage areas as needed. (see additional comments and/or standing rules proposals)
      • (discussion of who cleans what here)
    • Trae Watson – Bio Lab - Mud and tape on sheetrock mostly completed. Richard is asking for lab ideas as to how we would like it setup and he’ll will aid financially and/or acquire the materials needed.
    • Celeste P. – Fiber Lab – Weaving is a ‘GO’ now!
    • JC P. – Meeting Lab - Open labs on Tuesday (early-ish noon to 2pm cst). Café area computers pending ‘fix’ (finance, choice of OS, choice of HW, etc…). JC is diligently researching options to get all four (4) computers operational and user friendly. Computers in space need to be determined which/what to save and use. JC to schedule ‘seek or destroy’ mission for usable computers. Lack of space in computer lab to be determined by host.
    • John Rhymes – 1D Print Lab – John to bring in a computer for us from his home.
    • Chris Lais – 3D Print Lab - 3D printer use glue sticks, not hair spray or blue tape. Please do not use ABS at this time.
    • Shawn Pearson – Shape Lab – Cleaned and suggested keep it clean when used. Temp loan nine (9) inch band saw. Rotational molder repair/build, so that it is available in the shape lab.
    • John Rhymes – Nick Pournaras is an Eng and SCS Research and Tech Mgmt who met with John. John mentions he could be a good resource for RMM.
    • AL Power is supporting an iCAN Girls Engineering (6-8th grade girls) conference to get them interested in Engineering. Lynette and Shirley has contact list to reach out with AL Power.
  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

floor is now open for project show & tell, and RMM tours


Old Business

    • Events – Wiki and Blog session attended by John Rhymes, Shirley Hicks and Daniel Near. We are now in progress of posting wiki routines or ‘How To’s’.

New Business

    • Steven Wyss – Assigned control of key making, per Trae. Keep tracking of #’s, don’t place RMM on key.