2015-03-01 board meeting

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2015-03-01 board meeting 5:15pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212



Board Meeting Agenda

Our Mission as a technical cooperative is to engage in scientific and artistic research, experimentation, and education. To do so, we adapt a workspace for a collaborative and supportive community of peer and project based education related to technology and artistic expression. We also support the use and development of free and opensource software, hardware and design.


  • Review of previous minutes 2015-02-01 Board Meet
  • Review of previous minutes 2015-02-08 Annual General Meeting
  • Review of events
  • Shirley or Shawn will check into the Samford Maker Faire - appears to be a teacher's workshop, but is using the Maker Faire slogan, without using the brand signage.
  • Marvin Smith none responsive on rear job. landlord expressed 3,500 labor. need a new contractor. will ask lewis pfau, but seek others.
  • UAB update


  • Treasurer's Report
  • upcoming events and deadlines
    • Must notify space federation of attempts to attain nonprofit status by tomorrow
  • committee updates
    • Business
      • NONPROFIT?!
    • Grants
    • outreach
  • makers or partner proposals
    • To move elections to the last sunday in march and september
    • to elect an advisory circle
    • to create discounts
      • Family
      • Puplic makerspace makers
  • Nominations to the Advisory Circle:
  • John Rhymes as Southern Company Liaison

John has been working on an Alabama Power grant

  • Mykel Alvis as Maker Liaison (Ambassador?)

While the title may seem odd, there is likely no one in Birmingham who has been to as many Hackerspaces, Makerspaces, and Maker Fairs in the past year as Mykel has, and likely none in RMM has as keen a knowledge of the Make discourse.

  • Seth Lewis as Mcwane Liaison

Seth was our first Chair, and has provided us insight to working with Mcwane and organizing a Maker Fair

  • Steven Wyss as UAB CORD Liaison

Steven has tirelessly been networking on our behalf at UAB, with great promise.

  • Lance Simpson as Birmingham Public Library Liaison

Head of outreach at BPL and a techie

  • Dorsey Cox as Stream Liaison

CEO of Stream: Industrial Design Firm, has advised on our mission statement

  • Thomas Morrow as Community Properties Liaison

Our land lord and CEO of NextIT

  • Mark Gilburt as Public Education Advisor

On the Governor's committee for public education COS Taskforce

  • Keith Davis as Finance Adviser

Accountant to Disco, Jones Valley teaching Farm and various other Birmingham non profits

  • Keith Lee as Legal Advisor

Has reviewed our Liabilities and Insurance contract (though been mia for a while, anybody know an intellectual property lawyer)

  • Bill Gunn as Realty Advisor

Has advised RMM on lease negotiation

  • Brian Gunn as Merchant Liaison

Recommended by Mykel

  • Open invitation to liaisons from other Hackerspaces

Trae (talk) 13:36, 8 February 2015 (PST)

  • closing anouncements
    • Absences: Trae gone for next board meeting
  • meeting adjourned till the last sunday of next month at 5pm

5 minute break till maker meeting

Back Burner


Trae stated that Marvin Smith is none responsive and encourages others to get with a contractor to step-in and do the job.

Space federation is requesting for a response if we are going to be a non-profit. John rhymes has let us know that we are a non-profit since December 2014 but we were not told until now. Trae poses the question of what we will do with the space federation. Trae asks James Nylon to contact space federation and how to proceed. 5:33PM, Shawn Pearson enters the maker space. John mentioned we need to know what we need for grants. Trae mentioned the grant writers contact Allen eberhart

Trae said maker faire slogan question to Shawn Pearson, Shawn said that he is getting no response through email after 4 emails.

Trae request next March election to move from septmber or moving up or back and have the next elecvtion march or september. Lynnette suggest from July to september,

Yay - 5 oppose -0

Electing a advisory circle some of them, Seth Lewis he will do it, steven confirmed, john rymes confirmed, john lance confirmed, dorothy cocks, mark gilbert is confirmed, Keith Lee, is our lawyer, looking for someone else.

Russell is requesting for profile on all advisors and what powers which trae responds none

Trae went over the CV of all Advisors for the meeting.

Board members discussed in depth the family discount at the space with common household discount and parameters and that will be changed case by case depending on the situation. We will need to established a language on it.

trae suggests to vote for the advisory with the known people to be voted in as Group or Circle of advisory.

John Rhymes YAY -5 Nay -0

MyKel Alvis Yay - 5 Nay - 0

Seth Lewis

Yay - 5
Nay - 0

Steven Wyss
Yay - 5
Nay - 0

Simpson Yay 5 Nay 0

Dorothy Cox Yay 4 Nay 0 Obstain 1

Marc Gilbert Yay 4 Nay 0 Obstain 1

Keith Davis Yay 2 nay 0 Obstain 2

Closing announcements Trae will be absent next board Meeting