2015-03-22 Maker meeting

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  • 2015-03-22 6:15pm - start
  • 2015-03-22 7:15pm - finish


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Trae Watson
  • JC Porras
  • Shirley Hicks
  • John Rhymes
  • Shawn Pearson
  • Lynette Pope
  • Shirley – Chairing Meeting
  • Russell – Meeting Minutes

Maker Meeting Agenda



  • 501(3)c – Forms letters update.
  • TKO – Removed PC scrap, and so forth as requested.
  • Montgomery (SE) Makers Faire TBD as to how much and who will attend. Thoughts of minimalizing projects in raw form and focusing on content are encouraged.

• BarCamp April 18 2015. Non-Conference. DaxCo. Process is you sign up for a topic, then a vote to hear selected topics is taken. • Tech Birmingham has started events called ‘Startup Drinks’ • Birmingham event upcoming relative to building professionalism. Pending further details…

Upcoming events

  • Shuffle & Sweep to begin by end month of April 2015. To be monitored by lab hosts.


RMM Information System development and CRM selection
  • Customer relationship management package(s). Google conference call with ‘I3’ Makers Space.
  • Roto-Caster (by Shawn) to use with molding lighter (less material used) casts.
  • Circuits stations (by Shirley) completed and staged in our main front floor.

Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • Bio Lab – Floor resurfaced. Richard Morgan working on shelving, sheet rock, etc… within the Bio Lab. Looks great!
  • Communal Space – TKO arrived, and removed equipment to expedite an increase of space. Due to the amount of activity, we may have lost an XP PC. We have learned to broadcast more decisively such things as inviting TKO to remove scrap/parts PC’s. Hallway floor was resurfaced.
  • Circuits Lab – Cleaned out all parts/scraps to itemize into bins for ease of access, and parts/scraps to be more commonly used than others. Circuits stations were built to allow for mods and mobility.
    • Report on cleanup & station development - Shirley
  • Fiber Lab – Celeste and Beck maneuvered equipment into a position of use with sufficient space and comfort.
  • Meeting Room – Circuits stations brought in. Suggestions to be made on door signage to be renewed as it has worn a bit.
  • Print Lab – Order in for color ink to Staples and brought in on Tuesday.
  • Shape Lab – Modify the shelves to be lower. Safe to be bought (or traded) by Lock & Key, who will exchange with 2 smaller usable safes.
    • Report on structural contractors
  • Building Contract Labor – To be ‘Shape Lab’ research on contractors to repair/replace floor.
    • Southern Home state Engineer required. Engineer David Carlisle recommended. $475.00 for Engineer just to show up. $150 per hour for time taken. Estimate research to take 1-4 hours. Total cost pending.
    • (name here) to be getting an estimate.
    • Grant(s) & Funding for construction of Shape Lab floor and ceiling.
  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

floor is now open for project show & tell, and RMM tours