2015-04-05 Maker Meet

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Weekly maker meeting

Start: 6:18 pm
Finish: 7:05 pm
Meeting adjourned till next week 6pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


JC Porras, member - chaired meeting
Lynette Pope, member
Russell Holcombe, member
John Rhymes, member
Shirley Hicks, member - minutes

Maker Meeting Agenda


  • Review of previous minutes [2015-03-29 Maker Meeting]
  • Review of events
    • Whole Foods Easter promotion
    • LION Girls Code Camp

Upcoming events

Woodlawn Street Market


Shirley - Sidewalk sign


Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
  • computer lab
  • circuits lab
  • fiber lab
  • meeting room
  • print lab
  • Shape lab
  • Maintenance Room



Closing announcements

JC has asked that anyone working in and around the router be very careful - things have been configured just so.

Back Burner




  • Need to raise funds for CNC machine
    • About $2300, possible up to $6,000.


  • Whole Foods Easter promotion
    • Shawn & JC were there at 8 am to 10:30 am
    • Whole Foods gave us three dozen eggs
    • Face painting also going on.
    • Shawn handled crowd interaction
    • Gave some flyers out
    • Shawn's Egg Bandit was very popular
    • Forgot to take pictures
  • LION Girls Code Camp
    • Shirley reported that she took open source software and hardware source information sheets, MAKE magazine and demo Arduino board to an introductory girl's code camp being run last Wednesday at the 5 Points West Library.
    • Camp was being run by local African-American IT pros
    • Girls were introduced to Wix website framework
    • Shirley talked about what open source software and hardware did
    • Thinks that would have been more engaging to have a couple of hands on Arduino kits and more time.
    • Key point was establishing contact with the leaders of the camp.
    • Forgot to take pictures
  • John went to the last Startup Drinks
    • Some the latest Meetup group joins related to that

Upcoming events

  • Woodlawn Street Market
    • How to handle promotion?
    • Shirley will make sidewalk sign this week to direct traffic to space
    • We need to have some activities and builds going on at the space during fair (Saturday morning, 10 am - 4 pm), as well as one person to answer questions and do tours. Work on your projects!
    • Celeste will have RMM handouts at her booth
    • Lynette suggested that we ask Mark Gilbert to bring in some projects.


No updates

Project Proposal

Shirley - plans to build a sidewalk sign for Saturday
  • Russell Holcombe - reviving LED grid proposal to develop an installation kit for resale
    • JC pointed out that would need to get details from Shawn, Chris and Rick regarding board and chip design.

Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
    • Floor finished, work continues, fermentation projects started
  • communal space host
    • who left the bucket of water in the men's room??
  • computer lab
    • JC has received the 4 - 8Gb Raspberry Pi2s that were ordered for the front room kiosk bar.
    • 3D Printer - If you print a large awkward object that is wide, thin surface with no leverage, please, please PLEASE print a [raft] underneath the object. This will make release easier,
    • Failing to do so will cause the lab host extreme aggravation.
  • circuits lab
    • More stuff parted, bins labelled, hack zone cleaned up (Shirley, John)
  • fiber lab
    • Floor finished
    • Lab put together
  • meeting room
    • Update on raspberry PI computer project
    • All are RaspBerry Pi 2s, with 8Gb Micro SD cards
    • Waiting for peripherals from Steven Wyss
    • Anticipate working on most of project in April and May.
    • Please clean up after yourself.
  • print lab
    • no changes regarding HP printer
  • Shape lab
    • Shawn and James did an awesome job tidying up and organizing.
  • Maintenance Room
    • Maintenance Room sink drain is definitely clogged
      • Rick Curl came in with tools to help clear it.
      • Rick removed the drain trap (which remains off), determined clog was not there.
        • Use balloon pressure inflator to attempt to blow the clog clear.
      • Did not clear
      • Water came out open lines in Bio Lab
      • Clog is elsewhere on the line, may affect drainage from Bio Lab.
      • Cleanout, accessible from Maintenance Room, is sealed shut.
      • Will need to cut some of the wall paneling away to get access and leverage on the line stop.
    • Two of the current washable mopheads were used for the tile grinding
    • Shirley will replace
    • Asks that when maintenance supplies are running low to write supply requests on white board now posted in maintenance room.
      • This will allow for more economical bulk purchases at Costco.


2015-03-29 Maker Meeting MInutes approved - All in favor (5), 0 against