2015-04-12 Maker Meet

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Weekly maker meeting

Start: 6:11 pm
Finish: 7:31 pm
Meeting adjourned till next week 6pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Shirley Hicks, member
Kurt Fattig, member
Lynette Pope, member
JC Porras, member
James Nylen, member
Russell Holcombe, member
Shawn Pearson, member
Daniel Near, member (late arrival)


  • Review of previous minutes 2015-04-05 Maker Meeting
  • Review of events
    • Woodlawn Market - Saturday, April 10th, 4 - 10 pm


Call for constituent management system (CRM) beta testers

Upcoming events


Convert tall cabinets and counter unitss into movable storage with wheel sets
Q - is anyone planning to use the 5/8" thick 4' x 8' sheet of plywood in the east hall? If not, will use for new cabinet bases.


Solar Lab proposal - leads, Mark Gilbert & Celeste Phau

Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
  • computer lab
  • circuits lab
  • fiber lab
  • meeting room
  • print lab
  • Shape lab
  • Maintenance Room



Closing announcements

Back Burner



  • Review of previous minutes [2015-04-05 Maker Meeting]
  • Review of events
    • Woodlawn Street Market
    • Chris Lais was at market, at Celeste Phau's booth
      • Talked about space with market attendees
      • Shirley reported that around 20 people stopped by the space, some given tours.


  • Call for beta testers for constituent management system (CRM) - James, Shirley, JC, Shawn volunteered
    • Wild Apricot, the CRM we've chosen, doesn't have any easy data import tools or application programming interfaces (APIs)
    • All existing APIs are designed for data flow out, not in.


Upcoming events

  • Steam Fest, April 18th, Lowe Mill, Huntsville AL
    • Celeste Phau leading a group to event next Saturday - check Meetup.com for travel details
  • UAB light show early May - Shawn Pearson leading - not sure we're going to have something ready


  • Shirley - sidewalk sign - completed
  • Motion to reimburse Shirley for supplies - put forward to James, seconded by Kurt
  • New signage - doors - completed - Shirley
  • new street numbers on upper glass above doors - still needs to be done.
  • Shawn - shape lab tool bench project proposal - need to set up a page for project on the wiki. Tool bench project to press ahead.
  • Postal sorting table and safe must go.
    • Shawn will check with Trae as to when Alabama Lock and Key can come and remove the safe.
    • Table is not going to be easy to adapt for space needs. Too much work required.

Project Proposal

Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
    • sinks are on same drainage line as maintenance room - expect that they are also affected by drainage problem.
    • Steven Wyss has a friend who is a plumber who may be willing to come in and evaluate.
    • Counters and cupboard framing in, old storage cabinets must be moved out.
  • communal space host
    • No updates
  • computer lab
    • If you are bringing stuff in, let Chris Lais know first. JC and Chris need more room and are fighting to keep computer lab tidy.
  • circuits lab
    • Request for comments regarding shelving purchase - Shirley and James proposed purchasing 4 sets of 18" x 48" x 72" Metro shelves with wheels (same style as circuits lab work stations, but for computer tower and monitor storage). James has found some at Sam's Club for $100 each, complete.
    • Decision to be taken next week
  • Russell Holcombe - possibility of donated shelving
    • Relay rack in back room off east hallway - do we need to keep this? - Shirley to tag with parking ticket, so members can claim for projects or it can be sold to finance other equipment.
  • fiber lab
    • No updates
  • meeting room
    • DVI to HDMI cable connectors coming - needed for Raspberry Pi2 computer terminal project
    • 1st Raspberry Pi2 deployed to meeting board
    • 3 others ready to be deployed
    • Need keyboard & mouse sets - put a request out to membership for working keyboard and mouse sets.
    • JC is proposing to connect the PIs via LAN to space network. Wifi is getting overloaded now during meetings.
    • Need a 5-port or 8-port router switch - email request to members - if we can avoid purchasing, that would be great.
    • Shawn would like to rework lighting in meeting room before end of summer. Adjustable height lamps to allow for close work.
    • Daniel suggested looking at LED trough lights - same cost as fluorescents and can be hung so that they are adjustable height - up for room illumination, down for task lighting during builds.
  • print lab
    • HP printer parts now in space - James and Chris worked on it two weeks ago. Still printing with streaks, needs additional work
  • Shape lab
    • Shawn is going to cut push sticks and push pads for the table saw, and set a date to run a class on safe operation of the saw.
    • Shirley will organize the pegboard, once additional framing added to bring it out from the wall.
  • Maintenance Room
    • White board now up in maintenance room - add cleaning supplies to it for purchase. Much less expensive to purchase bulk quantities at Costco or Sam's.
  • TechAdmin
    • James Nylen - proposal to purchase two more domain names - rmm.space & www.redmtnmakers.org
    • Shirley to forward registrar info to James
  • Suggestion to add Tech & Web to maker meet template.

Closing announcement

  • Russell & JC - going to clear out the cabinets and rails in the center hall at the back and take up the carpet in preparation for building better access to storage.
  • James Nylen - proposal to purchase two more domain names - rmm.space & www.redmtnmakers.org


  • Minutes from 2014-04-05 - approved (7) no nays