2015-06-07 maker meeting

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 6pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes
  • New volunteer to moderate



  • Herbs request

Upcoming events



Call for additional herbal planter plant stock:

  • thyme
  • chives
  • mint
  • catnip
  • lemon balm
  • more basil
  • parsley
  • lovage
  • chili peppers

And any other requested plants. Would be great if we can get stuff people are thinning out of their gardens or when they are dividing stock. I will purchase stock to fill in gaps when back in Birmingham after the 22nd. (plants are going to do far better in that planter than they would in my very shaded balcony planters)

Project page: http://wiki.redmountainmakers.org/wiki/Project:Herb_Planters Russell strongly suggested that we not prune the rosemary until after it blooms in mid-June, as this is when pruning is recommended.

Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
  • communal space host
    • new communal (new host every last Sunday)
  • computer lab
  • circuits lab
  • fiber lab
  • meeting room
  • print lab
  • Shape lab
  • Web & tech



  • hosts
  • members

Closing announcements

  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

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Maker Meeting 6/7/2015 Meeting started at 6:26pm Previous minutes

Maker Members Present


Visitors in attendance



Sandy opposed previous minutes, 5 voted Yay
Review proposed herbal plants for outside planter.
Steph offered to water on Thursday. Suggest notating on the dry-erase board if the plants were watered each day, to prevent over-watering.
Biolab has progressed well. Alissa and Steph have been spearheading bio-lab progress. Steph is leaving on 6/16 for 6 months, Alissa plans to take over in her absence but will also be absent in July. Will be getting a mini-fridge once sufficient money has been compiled.
Computer lab, printrbot broken, Iron3d requires KISS to be used.
Circuits Lab; no progress
Fiber Lab; Fiber organization tree added (built by Celeste)
Meeting room (no update).
Suggest adding curtains for light block, working on cameras for security (indoor and outdoor).
Coordinate repair/clearing on outdoor display.
Print lab: 11x17 color printer operational. 15c per copy
Shape lab: Trey needs to paint, but may need assistance/motivation.
Web & tech.. No update.. need coordinate meetup for review. Shirley had questions about dreamhost for non-profit.
Upcoming events, June 20, electric vehicles from Alabama Power. Need to block off parking spaces and set up display area. Tour at Plant Miller on 25th.
JC concerned with power usage with the AC turned on. Suggest purchase of 7-day programmable thermostat and set up a schedule. David will go to Lowes to purchase one.

Suggest increasing rent to 850 a month to incentivize floor repairs and asbestos removal from the back. James is going to put together an email before presenting to the landlord. Grants: No active grants. Need to send out letter for teacher grants. 14 teachers. Mark to put in for extras. Announce on 20th. Motion to close, meeting adjourned at 6:58pm.

Old Business

New Business


Voting for Knox Franklin to be a keyholder; JC motioned, Russell seconded, All in agreement