2015-06-14 maker meeting

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sunday 6pm


Chris Lais Trey Sandy Steven J.C. Kurt Russell Mark Daniel


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 6pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes
  • New volunteer to moderate



Upcoming events



Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
    • fridge funds
  • communal space host
    • new communal (new host every last Sunday)
  • computer lab
  • circuits lab
  • fiber lab
  • meeting room
  • print lab
  • Shape lab
  • Web & tech



  • hosts
  • members

Closing announcements

    • Relay Rack??? (black alloy) - Russell
  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


6/14/15 maker meeting began at 6:00 AM

All in favor to approve prior meeting minutes, Chris abstains

Upcoming events

On 20th, electric vehicle; tesla and other electric vehicles present
Woodlawn Street festival also on 20th.
Mark’s projects: Fast E-bike, electrolyzer improvement to car, tiny, portable generator for camping use (needs Weedeater engine)
Caleb – traveling to 30 makerspaces along east coast. Survey/interview from space, collect data on usage, how it’s run/administered/financed and what community benefits exist. He belongs to a makerspace in Louisville, KY.


Steven proposes getting new thermostat. Needs to spend $120 to rewire, landlord will allow us to deduct it from the rent “next month”. Trey suggests voting on this at next meeting. John, Steve, Mark and Sandy indicated they will front the cost and work to get reimbursed after the fact. Suggested we also work to repair ducting in the attic to remove leaks and other efficiency losses as well as zone switches.
Asbestos estimate to cut out and remove piping from the walls. Leave pipe in back room as it’s sealed. $3000 including attic. Other estimate was $1500 for back room. Cast iron parts and radiator that are removed are taken and donated to Sloss, where they are melted down and used for teaching casting. Andrew mentioned he can get his guys down with HEPA filters to remove the asbestos. He may be here within the next 3 weeks to work on the back room.
Biolab update- Steph. Dropping off gift basket for Richard for all the work he did in the biolab.

Fridge funds to be returned so that someone else can pursue the purchase.

Communal space host: No updates
Computer lab
Daniel got the printrbot working again. The Iron3D is also functional. Iron3d need to ensre the sensor is in correct position.
Circuits lab: no changes;
Fiber lab: additional organization by Celeste recently. Daniel inspected the surger and determined it needs replacement motor mounts either purchased or manufactured in-house. The rubber on them is degraded. We have several existing mounts that are in sufficient condition to take measurements/make moldings for casting.
Need to empty back storage (Original bioscience lab). Keep bamboo but remove all other items. Tear down old PCs, toss cases and plastic. Save motherboards, fans, PSU, heat sinks.. JC has a secret “Heat sink” project he will announce later.
Printer lab: difficult to scan items currently. Recommended to remove the large color printer.
Shape lab, pegboard was mounted and painted with black chalkboard. Any member who desires can stencil tools onto the wall for ease of storage.
Russell is missing a relay rack. Black vertical 2-piece frame.
Web and Tech. Kurt: When Shirley returns, will have a meeting with her and James to discuss future plans of action to move wordpress site and domain.
Knox needs a key.

Old Business

New Business


No Meeting adjourned at 6:51pm