2015-06-28 Makers Meet

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Start time: 6:20 pm
End time: 7:20 pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Shirley Hicks
Shawn Pearson
John Rhymes
Chris Lais
Steven Wyss
Russell Holcombe
James Nylen

Maker: Julie Altmark

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 6pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes
  • New volunteer to moderate
  • In wiki markup, use spaces and newlines liberally to keep the code readable. Compare: before, after


  • Review of previous minutes - didn't have minutes available

-- Nomination for Miriam Omura - all in favor 7 / opposed 0

  • Review of events

-- Miller Plant (largest coal plant) tour, Monday 6/29 at 9am


Upcoming events

Steven Wyss will be putting together a HAM radio course on 7/18/15 - time not set yet. Teaching prep course $15 FCC fee for exam Limitation is age allowed for the exam


Watering system for the planter out front. Hacking the run by John Rymes

How to 3D print fabric run by James

Delta 3D printer run by Chris


Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab

-- Nothing to report

  • communal space host

-- Shirley's last time this week

    • new communal (new host every last Sunday)

-- James volunteered for next slot

  • computer lab

-- Rick donated a computer (Dell server), Chris says...

  • circuits lab

-- there are consumable supplies on the list that still need to be purchased, Steven Wyss (nominated by Trae, Seconded by John) Voting next week

  • fiber lab

-- put all the bins on the walls (starting to look like a magical kingdom and Trae is weirded out) :-)

  • meeting room

-- no update

  • print lab

-- one printer (to right of the copier) does not print cleanly, John will look at cleaning it - Xerox color Phaser printer works

  • Shape lab

-- Russell recommended that we put a barrel in there for scrap wood - need 55 gal steel drum - 2 drums one for trash scrap and one for reusable -- Shape lab orientation (7:30 pm 7/12/15) -- Shop shuffle and sweep (4:00 pm 7/19/15)

  • Web & tech

-- Free hosting space from Dreamhost -- See meeting room wall for plan



  • hosts
  • members

Closing announcements

  • Technical Knockout closing.
  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm
  • floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

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New Business