2015-07-12 maker meeting

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maker meeting


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • steven
  • shirley
  • marc
  • chris
  • ali
  • trae
  • shawn
  • kurt

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 6pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes: trae
  • New volunteer to moderate: shawn



  • Outreach Rick Curl brought Ali Ibrahim from UAB visited to colllect projecters, and juanita Grraham exec of non profit in bessemer for stem education. she will be driving the tech intitiative

Upcoming events


  • Ali is working on a tricopter volkswagon design method
  • mark is creating a sign for the print lab window


Lab Host updates, feedback, parking requests

  • biolab
    • covered and dust
    • anyone interested in a culture club talk to trae
  • communal space host
    • james is taking all the excess electronics to recycle america and bringing the funds to rmm.
    • james needs a truck, trae can bring suburban
  • computer lab
    • printrbot bearings are clogged
  • circuits lab
    • stephen is new host, cleaning out lab tuesday
  • fiber lab
    • surger is in hack zone
    • trae would like to increase thread count to the loom
  • meeting room
    • shawn has begun hanging light fixtures in the meeting room. going to add rgb leds to top of lights
  • print lab
  • Shape lab
    • shawn adding a sanding unit, disc and belt
    • can james get a meeting with andrew and father
  • Web & tech
    • wordpress on rmm host, Ann's site rearanged, we manage our own dns settings


  • katie elkins nominated as key holder


  • stehan voted as circuits lab host
  • members

Closing announcements

  • technical knockout is going out of business
  • sending passwords for crm this week,,, going live
  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

Back Burner


  • 5 yay 0 nay stephen voted as circuits lab host.
  • 4 yay 0 nay approved minutes from last week