2015-07-26 board meeting

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board meeting

  • Start: 5:25 pm
  • Finish 6:35 pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Russel
  • Shawn
  • Chris
  • Steven
  • Stephan wyss
  • Trae
  • Shirley

Board Meeting Agenda



Objections regarding Notices of Removal issued by communal areas host.
  • Steven, Shirley, Sandy raised issues regarding necessity for space cleanliness and supported James' actions.
  • Need for a work afternoon/evenings for labeling equipment so that it all has clearly labelled homes.
  • Discussion about who is responsible for notifying the object owner.

Treasurer's Report


upcoming events and deadlines

committee updates



makers or partner proposals

  • advisor nominations & votes.
  • james requests reimbursement for metro racks
    • Trae motioned, Sandy seconded, 6 in favor, moved to the maker minutes.
  • james requests a meeting with the landlord.
    • Shirley and Shawn said that they are not available until after August 10th.
  • Request for approval of case study (Shirley)
    • Motion to approve logo and photo use
      • Shawn first, Russell seconded, Three in favor, one abstention.

closing announcements

  • meeting adjourned till the last sunday of next month at 5pm

5 minute break till maker meeting

Back Burner


Old Business

New Business


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