2015-08-09 makers meeting

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • miriam
  • bracken
  • ben
  • stacy
  • james
  • luther
  • shawn
  • russel
  • trae

(3 visitors to RMM: Stacy and Ben from Atlanta, and Bracton from Huntsville)




  • trae: Chicken coop tower
  • Bracton: Anti flare windows


Throw a question out there


Every Sunday at 6pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes : Miram
  • New volunteer to moderate: trae


  • Review of previous minutes
  • Review of events


Upcoming events

Inovation Week (Aug 31st to Sept 4th) - Shirley is talking to them to see what how RMM might participate.


RMM participating in the East Lake event being held at College Theater during the month of October. James has an individual project; Ruben’s tube -traveled to Atlanta makers space with Trae to drill 15mm spaced holes on a copper tube. Other project is 3D printed lanterns to light the space (Sandy, JC, Miriam) with interchangeable panels.


  • removing lab host updates from being a weekly meeting update.
  • Set up a protocol for throwing things out in RMM, to prevent clutter.
  • $100 General lab fund


  • Lab Host updates
    • Shape Lab: new standup press drill coming in, Russel needs help monday

Comunal space host

Russel taking over hosting Communal Space. James handing over position. James requests that the focus of keeping spaces clean continues. Also in emails or in discussions she using the word ‘we’ the discussion should not be passive, but be followed with action. Tact in conversation also needs to be considered.


Communal Space clarification is given as the bathrooms, hallways, maintenance room, member storage, loading zone and Food Lab. The meeting room in the front is not considered to be under the duty of the Communal Space Host.

parking requests

The Jeep: It’s a communal project and a group effort. Kurt suggests putting a proposal in to move the Jeep to the proposed “Safety Room,” he will talk to Sephen, Katie, and JC about moving the Jeep to said space.


  • stephen ricks nominated as Member
  • Katie Elkins Nominated as Ceramics lab host


  • hosts
  • members

Closing announcements

  • Trae emailed Andrew about having a meeting after Aug 3rd, no response.
  • Rent currently over due.
  • Russel proposes calling out owner publicly
  • Trae thinks we should pay rent and send it with a letter
  • Kurt reminds group that we have a ‘non lease’ and we are paying for what we have

not what we would like.

  • meeting adjourned till next week 6pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours


Kurt and Russel approve last weeks minute meetings, no objections by rest of attendees