2015-09-13 Maker meeting

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7:05pm - 7:29pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Sandy
  • Chris
  • James H. -visitor
  • Knox
  • Sally
  • J.C.
  • Miriam
  • Trae
  • John
  • James N.
  • Stephen R.
  • Kurt
  • Katie
  • Shawn

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes
  • New volunteer to moderate


  • Review of previous minutes 2015-09-06 Makers Meeting, 2015-08-30 Maker meeting
    • 7 approve
    • 0 oppose
  • Review of events
    • Saturday September 12th two fermentation workshops went well, new people who were interested in learning more about RMM.
      • $300 went to instructor
      • $140 to RMM
    • J.C. proposes 1/2 the money goes to purchases for the hosting lab (Bio Lab). James N. says currently no separate accounts for

each lab, suggests the funds just go into the general fund.


Upcoming events

Saturday September 19th, 10am to 4pm- Woodlawn Street Festival.

  • James N. to man the tent, further details to be discussed after the meeting.
  • Open to anyone else who wants to help.
  • (previous meeting RMM voted to pay the $10 booth fee.)

Sunday September 27th, anniversary of RMM moving into the current maker space.

  • also the bi-annual members meeting.
  • Positions up for election.
    • Board Members
      • Secretary (currently held by Shirley Hicks -term 2)
      • Treasurer (currently held by James Nylen -term 1)
      • Board Member at Large, two positions (currently held by Chris Lais -term 1 and Russel Holcomb -term 2)
    • Admin
      • Tech Admin (James Nylen)
      • Web Admin (Kurt Fattig)
      • Security Admin (Stephen Wyss)
      • Business Admin (Shirley Hicks)
      • Safety Admin (currently Russel Holcomb)
  • Nominations due by Sunday September 20th.
  • Self nominations are allowed.

Month of October- East Lake Theater Event

  • J.C., Sandy, and Miriam are working on LED lanterns to light one of the spaces.
  • Open to anyone who wants to help with lanterns, or weekly planed events.


Kiln Moving

  • Katie would like help moving the kiln from Space One Eleven.
  • Suggesting a proposed time to Space One Eleven of after 6pm on Thursday.
    • Trae and Katie all in!
    • Miriam a maybe
    • Chris can help once they get to RMM
    • Extra help welcome

Name Tags Shirley mentioned to Sally RMM's need for name tags. Sally presented laminated examples of name tags she made at work,
tags can be color coded, and names can be printed or handwritten.

  • Any feedback welcome

Main Room Lights can now be turned on and off from the wiki, while in the space
and connected to the wifi. (Stephen R. tests it out.)


Print Lab (3D printers)

  • Chris mentions that Sandy has purchased a new sensor for the Printer Bot and suggests RMM repay him via the general fund.
  • 3D printers out of filament, can we use the debit card to order more?
  • Suggestion that we should pay for 3D prints by amount of filament used.
  • Sandy says he can help Chris price out printing, prints tell you how much filament is used.
  • James N. suggests we pay for use of space and equipment and should not charge for prints.
  • Stephen R. suggests we use the honor system like we do for soda.

Vote to allow Chris to order filament for the print lab with a $100 limit.

  • Yay: all but 1
  • Nay: 0
  • Present: 1

Print Lab

  • Trae may ask for an image unit for the color printer, but not yet willing to ask for a set amount.
  • Asking for help from general fund, total cost will be less than $300.
  • Trae putting in money towards purchase.
  • Asking if anyone else willing to help out too.
  • Need to work out per page cost for printing in full color.
  • Costs normally estimate at 5% ink coverage and not full coverage.
  • How much are we currently charging?

Lab Host updates

Computer Lab

  • No RMM 3D printers currently working
  • Sensor on the Printer Bot melted because left on over night. Please remember to turn printer off after each use.
    • After sensor is replaced (Sandy has purchased) it will be known if the heads might be trashed also, can't test

the nossels until the sensor is replaced.


parking requests

No known parking request or concerns.




  • hosts
  • members

Closing announcements

  • meeting adjourned till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


Old Business

New Business