2015-09-20 Maker Meeting

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7:06pm - 7:33


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Russell
  • Chris Lais
  • Shirley Hicks (Chairing)
  • Steven Wyss
  • Kurt Fattig
  • Stephen W
  • Miriam (Minutes)
  • Sally

Joining Late

  • James N
  • Trae
  • Stephen R
  • Shawn
  • Mark

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes?
  • New volunteer to moderate?



  • Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire, November 6 - 8th

Show-n-Tell Projects

Lab Host updates

  • Circuits Lab - pegboard going up, lab clean-up, designated spot to put incoming things.
  • Computer Lab
  • Shape Lab - tidied. labeling in progress, new saws & pliers, wire brushes, and tin snips.
  • Meeting Room - new trash cans
  • Washrooms - new trash cans
  • Prop Lab!


parking requests



  • hosts
  • members


  • meeting adjourned till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


Review of previous minutes 2015-09-13 Maker meeting motion to approve Stephen W seconds minutes approved Kurt abstains

Review of events

Woodlawn Street Market

  • lots of foot traffic
  • had car out
  • didn't go through all the handouts
  • got good contacts to follow up with Huffman High School teacher

Upcoming Events

November 6 - 8th Barnes & Noble Mini Maker Faire in partnership with Make Magazine Faire will be held at two locations in Birmingham (also nationally at other Barnes and Nobles stores) RMM invited to participate

  • projects to show
  • demonstrations
  • education/outreach to what Making is and to RMM

Make targeted RMM brochures for this event? Good opportunity to advertise for RMM B & N bringing in maker product for kids into their store, this mini maker faire is the launch for those products

Other upcoming events: Makers space in Peoria, Illinois being started; founding members visited RMM. Will remain in contact and offer then guidance.

Lab Host updates

  • Circuits Lab-
    • pegboard going up
    • lab clean-up
    • designated spot to put incoming things
    • various tool bought
    • keep the lab clean

Woodlawn High School's best robotics team (four students) with Dr. Douglas will be starting work in the circuits and Shape Lab in the next few weeks regularly every week. Time will be blocked out for them to use the labs.

  • Computer Lab-
    • printers being worked on/repaired
  • Shape Lab-
    • tidied
    • labeling in progress
    • hand tools bought: new saws & pliers, wire brushes, and tin snips
    • keep lab clean and organized, clean up after yourself
    • inventory of tools needed
  • Meeting Room-
    • new trash cans
  • Washrooms-
    • new trash cans
  • Prop Lab-
    • walls mostly done
    • estimate one month time frame until all work done
    • talk to JC about moving a table from the main room temporarily


Stephen W. nominating Sally for key holder membership

  • She is three weeks in and has put lot of work in the prob lab using her own funds
  • Made name tag badges for RMM that will be color coded

Pending membership vote Stephen W. nominates Sally for lab host Kurt Seconds


Andrew's people have been in the space Board is going to look at the work done and discuss rent and lease agreement

  • sub floor removed
  • floor joists in
  • plumbing mostly done

at current rate of work the back room could be ready in one month

Meetup has been buggy

  • make sure that the event is deleted when you cancel, (Milo showed up for a canceled event).

Second year we have been in this space anniversary is coming up next week, feel free to bring pizza, libations, and such to celebrate at next weeks meeting

Next week is bi-annual meeting and elections for half the board members (see next weeks meeting agenda for electable positions) Nominations should be posted by midnight on Monday the 21st of September

Keep Fire Exits clear!!!!! wheel barrows left by Andrew's workers should have been moved by the first RMM member that noticed.

Backdoor not being locked or closed properly Alarm has gone off a few times in the past week