2015-09-20 Special Board Meeting

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September 20th 2015 7:35-8:32 Rent and Lease Issues


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Trae (Board)
  • Russel (Board)
  • Chris (Board)
  • James (Borad)
  • Shireley (Board)
  • Shawn (Board)
  • Stephen R
  • Stephen W
  • Miriam (Minutes)

Board Meeting Agenda

Every last Sunday at 7:30pm


Andrews letter to RMM sent to board members to read.

  • requests a rent increase to fund backroom flooring/renovation project
  • asking for $1000 a month and a signed lease

Andrew has talked to Russel and makes it seem as if he cannot finish the project unless there is a rent increase and a signed lease. James questions the idea that Andrew doesn't have the funds to finish the project and also states, as treasure, we cannot afford a $1000 a month rent currently.

The letter and the current work on the backroom from/by Andrew was prompted by RMM sending a letter to Andrew in August stating

  • RMM was not paying rent until the backroom was worked on.
  • RMM would start work on the backroom and and deduct the cost of material from rent.

It was noted that no attention to RMM needs have been a priority until RMM withheld rent.

It was stated that the finished backroom would increase the membership to RMM with a better working and usable Shape Lab

It was suggested that more paid workshop events would be a supplement to income besides membership dues.

It was suggested that the membership rates may need to increase to meet rent increase.

  • A membership rate increase needs to have a clear reason and benefit as to why there is an increase.
Board views the current backroom progress

List of things done

  • Sewer line is in
  • Half sub-floor is out
  • Sister joists put in

List of things that will be done

  • Can lights from the ceiling
  • Sheet rock and drywall the room
  • Raising floor level
  • Electrical

List of things that RMM is requesting

  • Hot water heater in handicap bathroom
  • Hanging lights
  • Sound proofing the ceiling?

Progress of work done in the last week is going at a fast pace.

Big question over what the space could be and what the space currently is.

Suggested that a percentage of membership dues make up rent

  • no agreement on the suggestion
  • Don't want a variable in rent
  • Flat rate until certain membership level hit

RMM requires 75-80 members to sustain a $1000 a month rent

  • increase in members increases electrical usage
  • need to consider decreased rates of members who take on roles that provide then with a rate discount

Some board members under the impression that no rent was going to be paid for three months (September, October, and November)

  • Due to the previous letter sent to Andrew estimating that it would take $2100 in materials to begin work on the backroom.

One week until October rent due September rent not currently paid July and August rent paid late August rent sent with letter about payments being stopped.

September rent will be paid minus expenses for materials RMM bought for backroom

  • Rent will be sent within the week
  • copy of receipts will be included

Motion to vote to pay September rent Russel seconds yays 4 nays 0 present 2 absent 1

Andrew wants lease signed and rent of $1000 a month to continue work in backroom RMM wants backroom done before lease signed and rent below $1000

Trae composed a follow letter since RMM started work, but it was not sent, now void since Andrew has started work in the backroom.

Board needs to negotiate rent/lease terms.

  • Bring document of number stating RMM's budget limits. (Exact amount discussed off record, and therefore not recorded in the minutes)

Meeting to be set up on Monday or Tuesday with Andrew Board members representing RMM

  • Trae
  • Shirley
  • Russel

Options to cover rent increases:

  • Dues increase
  • Bench point for membership numbers

Rent rates of surrounding area building spaces are $1500 to $1700 a month.

Other Business

Letter of support for McWane Mini Makers Fair

  • Shirley will write letter and post it for general membership to vote on
  • May 2016 planned date for event
  • Rev Birmingham and UAB also involved.
  • Shirley ans Stephen W. will participate on organizational committee for the event representing RMM.


Motion to vote to pay September rent Russel seconds yays 4 nays 0 present 2 absent 1