2015-10-04 Semi-annual Meeting

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Start 7:15pm End 7:40pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Miriam Omura - minute notes
  • Shirley Hicks -via skype
  • Steven Wyss
  • Lenette Pope
  • Steven Fonteut
  • Stephen Charles
  • Domiou Charles
  • James Nylen
  • Trae Watson -meeting chair
  • Mark Long
  • Kurt Fattig
  • Sally Kuhn
  • Daniel Near
  • Sandy Cammpbell
  • Shawn Pearson
  • Stephen Ricks

Semi-annual Keyholders Meeting Agenda

State of RMM

Opening Review


Financial Report


Budget Report

Business Admin:

Discuss Plans


nominations & votes

Up for vote:

  • Board Members
    • Secretary (currently held by Shirley Hicks -term 2) Miriam Omura nominated
    • Treasurer (currently held by James Nylen -term 1) JC Porras nominated
    • Board Member at Large, two positions (currently held by Chris Lais -term 1 and Russel Holcomb -term 2)
      • James Nylen, Shirley Hicks, Chris Lais Nominated
  • Admin
    • Tech Admin (James Nylen) > Tech Wizard - James Nylen nominated
    • Web Admin (Kurt Fattig) Shirley Hicks Nominated
    • Security Admin (Stephen Wyss) Stephen Wyss Nominated
    • Business Admin (Shirley Hicks)
    • Safety Admin (currently Russel Holcomb) Russel Holcomb Nominated
  • Proposals (bylaws, standing rules)

upcoming events

closing announcements

  • Review mission: Our Mission as a technical cooperative is to engage in scientific and artistic research, experimentation, and education. To do so, we adapt a workspace for a collaborative and supportive community of peer and project based education related to technology and artistic expression. We also support the use and development of free and opensource software, hardware and design.
  • General meeting adjourned till the Sunday following the next equinox at 7pm



Financial Report

income slightly higher than expenses biggest expenses power bill and rent (reminder turn AC off when not in the space or last one to leave at night)


Grants: now that we have some high school involvement in the space (Woodlawn High School Best Robotics) Thanks to Shirley for bringing them in and thanks to Kurt for working with the students.


Trae proposes unless any objections blanket votes for all positions be cast, Lynette seconds. All votes are blanket votes for each area of election: Board Members, Admin Positions, Lab Hosts.

Board Members

  • Secretary: Miriam Omura
  • Treasurer: Shirley Hicks
  • Board Member at Large, two positions: James Nylen, Chris Lais

vote: 14 yay


  • Tech Admin: James Nylen (position name change to "Tech Wizard")
  • Web Admin: Shirley Hicks
  • Security Admin (Stephen Wyss) Stephen Wyss Nominated
  • Business Admin: J. C. Porras
  • Safety Admin: Russel Holcomb

vote 14 yay

Lab Hosts

($15 discount on monthly membership fees.

  • Bio Lab: John
  • Fiber Lab: Miriam
  • Shape Lab: Kurt
  • Print Lab: Shirley
  • Communal Lab Spaces: Sandy Campbell
  • Prop Lab: Sally
  • Computer Lab: Chris
  • Circuits Lab: Stephen W.
  • Meeting Room: J. C.
  • Food Lab: Stephen R.

vote 13 yay


New Ceramics Lab New Prop Lab Backroom construction:

  • $850 rent request down from the requested $1000
  • $850 with lease and bench marks to raise rent over time
  • Lease will be signed after backroom finished (expected rent increase November 1st 2015)
  • Two year lease
  • Concerns? talk to a board member

Hope to have 60-70 members by end of year with the backroom being completed and drawing in more members, will increase power usage in the space. Sally has started a Fundly account for one full years cost of running the space. Sally can get us media connections. Russel will work on a press release. The board members need to talk to the Circle of Advisers