2015-10-11 Maker Meeting

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • JC
  • Chris
  • Kurt
  • Stephen W - moderator
  • Sandy
  • Miriam - minutes
  • Trae
  • Sally- joining in progress

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes?
  • New volunteer to moderate?



Show-n-Tell Projects

Lab Host updates


parking requests



  • meeting adjourned till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


Past weeks minutes approved, Miriam. second JC

Show and Tell

Trae is having Hive issues, needs to be disassembled and needs its own honey extractor specific to that hive.


Chris has made a project page for the kiln. -putting digital controls on the kiln, kiln is in three section s with two coils each. -plan to put temp. sensor on each section and connect to a micro processor -need some supplies: 6 transistors relays 10amp or >, 250 watt or >; other things needed too (other details on project page- take a look) Project:Kiln Automation

Best Robotics Fun experience especially the competition, Kurt suggests more people get involved with students- gives you a burst of energy! Sally has several companies willing to sponsor Woodlawn High School Best Robotics program. need to get the right info to them: What is it to be a sponsor? Donation of equipment to RMM for the students to use/have access to. Money Robot turn in is November 7th students coming in to expand knowledge on what went wrong with the robot.

Proposal to get rid of printer in trade for t-shirts? If the printer can print transparency sheets. quote Sally got was $7.50 per shirt for 100 shirts, 3 color -needs more details on the minimum order number.

JC and Miriam working on silkscreens to sell and make money for the space through t-shirt sales.

The Luminaries project done at East Lake Artist Village will give Sandy, JC, and Miriam some money (after cost of materials) to put into the photo lab to further photo/light sensitive projects. Waiting on the money still.

Culling of the Hack space to occur. Paperwork for bringing in things to the hack zone so we don't hold on to unusable things and so we know what we have to work with. Hack zone moving into the circuits lab after shape lab moves.

Lab updates

Circuits- expanding as soon as shape lab moves Meeting- keep the room clean! Computer- Iron 3D working . . . a little. Print Bot having issues . . . Fiber- looms being worked on to upgrade, looking into repair parts for two other looms at Celestes studio. Can we have more loom room? Concerns raised that the current looms aren't being fully utilized. True.

other business

cut back on list emails that are unnecessary, peoples inboxes are getting filled with pointless emails. Can you just reply to the person who asked a question and not the whole list? Is the comment you are about to send really relevant to everyone to know about. "Wow, that's cool!" might not need to go to everyone.

LOCK the doors and turn the AC off at night. The door by the office/print lab has been left unlocked a few times, including an event requiring the police be called.