2015-11-01 RMM Meeting

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7pm - 7:50pm


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Trae
  • Shirley
  • Shawn -moderator
  • Sally
  • Russel
  • Kurt
  • Miriam
  • JC
  • Stephen R.

Maker Meeting Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes?
  • New volunteer to moderate?



Show-n-Tell Projects

Lab Host updates


parking requests



  • hosts
  • members


  • meeting adjourned till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


  • moderator: Shawn
  • secretary: Miriam
  • Last weeks minutes approved
  • No past events to review

Show-n-Tell Projects

  • No show and tell projects

Lab Host updates

shape lab

  • Floor is buckling badly
  • Kurt wants Andrew to deal with the issue
  • Kurt is postponing painting the room until we have a lease and the floor issue is sorted out

(lease request put in and a request for a hot water heater, not paying the increase rent rate until the lease is signed, will discuss further during the board meeting)

print lab

  • no big changes for this month
  • would like advice on making the space more modular and movable
  • will remove the nonworking printer (costs to fix it are estimated at $300) potential to give it away.
  • one computer will be made into a mine craft server, part of a plan to get community kids interested in programming

fiber lab

  • need to do stuff, haven't done it.

prop lab

  • Intro into props and RMM planed for Jan 18th 2016
  • hopes this will get people interested and into doing props classes

meeting room=

  • Keep it clean
  • at the end of the night throw you trash out


Extra door and cabinet fount in the bio lab, why? They need to go away. John put the door in there as a possible table, go up decision that there is enough counter space in the room. Cabinet came from photo lab, Shirley will look to find it a home for it within or outside of RMM. If not Stepen R. will remove it.

Sally has said that she has had people ask her about Phtoshop and Ilustrator classes, do we/can we teach them? Shawn will teach Photoshop if Sally or someone else will sort out the details for the event/classes Possibly charge $10 a head and donate money to RMM

Shawn has two more lights he will be installed soon.

Security cabinet was moved and should not have been. Problem resolved between Sally and Steven W. Miscommunication about when the cabinet could be moved.

parking requests



Trae nominates Michael Jones for membership Kurt seconds nomination.

Communal lab host, formally Sandy. JC will take November, Shawn will take December




Shirley bought more drywall for the handicap bathroom.

Project management board being made and going up in the back hallway

Woodlawn High School Best Robotics meeting at RMM Tues and Thurs 3:30-5:30pm They will be doing a presentation of their robot at The Preserve in Hoover this weekend (Nov 7th and 8th)

Nov 7th and 8th mini makers fair at the Barnes and Nobles at the Summit. RMM is committed to this and has a table. Shirley will do Saturday Shawn and Stephen R. will do Sunday (Sally will help if she is off work)

Mon Nov 2nd Vermont company in town doing a presentation event at RMM Do educational kits Terry and MaryAnn husband and wife company