2015-11-04 Special Board Meeting

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Wednesday Nov. 4th at 8pm. Special Board Meeting to amend and approve lease.


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Shirley
  • James
  • Trae
  • Miriam

Board Meeting Agenda


  • Review decisions from semiannual meeting regarding lease


  • Chair: introduction of lease given to us by landlord
    • currently $850 for 6 mnths, $1000 for 18 months (2yrs)

amendments and proposals

  • shirley: 9 months at $850, 27 months at $1000. (3yrs)
  • celeste: Masonite top layer on floor for aprox $250
  • trae: fix and seal current floor myself ($50)

closing comments

  • meeting adjourned till the last Sunday of November at 7:30pm

Back Burner


  • Lease reviewed and edited for consistency, changes including: 9 months at $850, 27 months at $1000. (3yrs) changed.
  • October rent (past due paid)
  • edited lease, rent check for October 2015, and November 2015 ($850) left upstairs for Andrew.
  • No discussion of backroom floor solution.

Old Business

New Business