2015-11-30 Fundraiser Meeting

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Sally
  • John
  • Erin
  • trae

Fundraiser links

Establish list of items

  • cnc
  • laser cutter
  • 3d printer

Create page of those suggested thus far

Shawn: This is the equipment we should shoot for at a minimum with our fundraising event... Both of these we can use as a revenue source for non-makers.

CNC machine

  • wishlist: 3D CNC Milling Carvey (laser cutter head addition?)

Laser Cutters

Shawn: Full Spectrum P-Series Pro 36x24 Laser

Shirley: Glowforge

John: Trotec Speedy 300 (used by Invention Studio)

3D Printer

John: 3D printers used by Invention Studio