2016-01-17 Maker Meet

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Trae- moderator
  • Sandy
  • Chris
  • Greg
  • Russell
  • Kurt
  • Jacob
  • Alex
  • Miriam- minutes
  • Heather- later
  • James- later

Maker Meet, Show and Tell Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • New volunteer to take minutes?
  • New volunteer to moderate?



Show-n-Tell Projects

Lab Host updates


parking requests



  • meeting adjourned till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

Back Burner


  • motion to approve last weeks minutes made by Kurt, 2 yes, 1 no, 3 abstain

Show-n-Tell Projects

  • Trae, James, and Collin have been working on a seed bank wiki.
  • seeds can be entered into it, details recorded, seeds send out for planting can be recorded along with progress of their growth.
  • wiki generates a QRL label so stored seeds can be tracked/inventoried.
  • currently only one seed back in the system, but hope to have others join up too.

  • New meeting room tabletop surface, lets keep it nice, try not to scratch it up.

  • Sandy and Chris working on the new LED matrix for the other front window.

Past Events

  • last Thursday's visit to Son's of Vulcan was good. They gave a smithing demo, and set up an aluminum pour/casting project for those who visited.
  • hope to work with them in the future, they want to come visit RMM.

old business

voiced objection to JC being nominated for an RMM award, suggested Shirley would be a better choice as she has put in money, sweat, and time to RMM.

Lab Host updates

  • Shape Lab
    • Woodlawn High Schools Best Robotics will be using the Shape lab from 3:30-5:30 for some week nights and all Saturdays for the next few weeks. Lab is closed for use during those time.
    • Kurt has a lot going on with Best Robotics, if anyone wants to take the lead on setting up orientation/equipment certification.
  • Metal Lab
    • Wire welder fixed
    • Metal bender currently out of service.
  • Ceramic Lab
    • Still need a quote for the kiln circuit
  • Communal Space
    • Wire will be run to the Circuits lab, Shape lab, and Metals lab.
    • Suggestion to have signup sheet for use of major equipment in order to keep better track of when things break, what equipment gets more use, may need tuneups.
    • Kris has done some work on the network, past week there have been problems with the wifi at RMM


parking requests


  • Russell is stepping down from Safety Admin, doesn't currently have the time to give to the position that the position needs
  • Safety adnmin position is now open.
  • Jacob nominated for membership by Trae, Heather seconds
  • Alex nominated for membership by Trae
  • Sandy Campbell for board member at large by Chris, Greg seconds


  • Bill Hudson, who has given RMM a number of pieces of equipment in the Shape Lab, has been in hospital due to medical issues. He will be out soon and has requested an honorary membership and key to RMM in exchange for covering the electrical costs for the kiln. He lives within walking distance RMM.

  • In response to the membership termination, the member nominated for termination feels that the request is unwarranted.
  • Concerned that the termination request is an act of retaliation.
  • Some members question if it is due to misunderstanding of the way things have been phrased or said, words being subject to individual interpretations.
  • Suggested that member has one on one conversations with those other members which may have concerns or residual conflicts.