2016-02-14 Maker Meet

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • Trae
  • Shirley
  • James Nylen
  • Nabih
  • Kris Kirby
  • Kurt
  • Shawn Pearson
  • Colin
  • Heather
  • Daniel

Maker Meet, Show and Tell Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

  • Daniel volunteered to take minutes
  • Colin volunteered to moderate


6 approved, 1 abstention.

  • Review of events


Show-n-Tell Projects

  • James hacked stereo potentiometers as LED lighting brightness adjustments
  • Trae went to Makers Local. They have a 4x8 CNC cutter that is $8k. Bought directly from China – picked up at Distribution Center in Florida. Also had laser cutter, 3x4ft. Kris is familiar with it. Trae would like these to be possible goals for purchase. Dan suggested that there are used ones frequently available from auctions for 1K and up. Shawn suggested getting a smaller Tormach as well as a shopbot for doing cabinetry. Shirley Suggest looking at finance options for large purchases as security against the purchase.
  • Shirley – Show and tell RMM upgrade website – updated “Sporty” theme. Integrated to Wild Apricot. It’s ready to deploy but needs user testing. James offered to assist. Other testers are needed. Please contact Shirley

Lab Host updates

  • Ceramics lab is assembled just need to assemble the Kiln & controller
  • Circuits lab pending land lord running and fixing a water line
  • meeting room hosting monthly wednesday hackathon with code for bham and boss


parking requests

Review of Events

  • First Robotics is about ½ way, 1 week until event. Can take in 30lbs of additional material, will use that to bring in some necessary supplies to complete on-site. Work on robots every day this week from 3:45 to 5pm at RMM in the shape lab.
  • Shawn will start teaching 3d modeling class first week of March. Autodesk 123D.
  • Proposed intro to Arduino class. 2 commit plus Shirley. 2 teens possible but needs kit. The class teacher will be paid for this, so we have a target minimum of 8 students to recoup costs, including lunch. $60 includes kit. Trae will work on a flyer to post at UAB and elsewhere to try and bring in more attendees.


  • Colin Brogan Nominated by trae and seconded by James in last meeting for Key Holder.
  • Trae nominated and Chris seconded Bill Hudsen for Key Holder in a meeting several weeks ago.
  • Heather nominated as Security admin
  • Greg good nominated as Circuits lab host



  • Colin 8 voted in favor 1 abstention
  • Bill 6 voted in favor, 2 abstention


  • meeting adjourned at 8:04pm till next week 7pm

floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours

  • Trae :we will have WIKI meeting Tuesday at 5pm. Shirley, James, Trae and John Morse will be in attendance
  • Next Saturday “stream” on 5404 5th ave meeting. Shirley asked for specs on their laser cutter.
  • Shirley requests help with Wordpress and financial integration. Colin may be able to offer some time to consult with her.
  • Trae and Colin went to benefit for seeds bank. 10 U of A students uploaded 200 seeds entries for the sand mountain seed bank. Still needs a domain to park the site.

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