2016-04-03 Maker Meet

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RMM Meetings are conducted using the Modified SRC3 format from the Dallas Makerspace.


Location and Time

RMM Meeting Room

5502 1st Avenue North

Birmingham, AL 35212

This meeting is scheduled for Sundays at 7pm


  • Kurt- moderator
  • Shirley
  • Sandy
  • Shawn
  • Katie
  • Miriam -minutes
  • Trae
  • Alex
  • Sally- joining meeting in progress

Start Meeting

"Get comfortable and get quiet, we're starting."

I. Previous Meeting Minutes

1. 2016-03-20 Monthly Meeting
2. 2016-03-27 General Meeting

"Does anyone have any revisions to the minutes?"

II. Consent Agenda

  • Items in the consent agenda are automatically approved unless they are moved to New Business -or- they receive objections.
  • Discuss these items ahead of time so that meetings will proceed quickly.
  • Be specific. Describe exactly what it is that you are asking the group for consensus approval.
  • Note: consent agenda closes 48 hours prior to the meeting (7:00 PM Friday)

  1. Michael Jones has asked to rent a studio (the room formerly known as the Hack Zone) --- "Any objections?"

III. Committee Reports (we don't have committees - so we'll use this for Lab Host Updates)

"Do the Lab Hosts have their reports?"

  • Bio Lab
  • Ceramics Lab
  • Circuits Lab
  • Communal Area
  • Computer Lab
  • Fiber Lab
    • Singer serger no longer in lab - returned to Cynthia Curl as part of Rick Curl stepping back from group. Velochicdunord (talk) 10:45, 1 April 2016 (EDT)
    • One serger remaining.
  • Food Lab
  • Metal Lab
  • Photo Lab
  • Print Lab
  • Shape Lab

"Does anyone have any items to pull out of the consent agenda for discussion?"

"Does anyone have any other new items to add to the agenda?"

IV. Old Business

"Moving on to Old Business!"

V. New Business

"Moving on to New Business!"

  1. Standard meeting business
    • Voting on nominees (some votes are not "consensus" style votes)
    • Voting on issues that are not in the consent agenda
    • Are there any new nominations? (for future votes)
    • Are there any parking requests?
    • Does anyone have anything for Show-n-Tell?
  2. Addtional meeting business
    • Upcoming cons and advertising- Sally

VI. Adjournment

"Meeting adjourned! Next meeting on Sunday at 7PM."

"RMM is now open for tours."


Motion to approve past meetings minutes- Shirley. Miriam seconds 5 yes, 3 abstain, 0 no

consent agenda

-motion to table room request for Michael Jones, request withdrawn by Michael.

committee reports

  • ceramics- the kiln makes heat! Thank Sandy and Greg
  • communal- paper towels purchased
  • fiber- singer serger that was on loan has been taken back
  • shape- Sandy working on a ruben's tube in there
  • print- color laser jet (broken) has been removed, no more taking in broken printers please.

new business

  • If you want to help with the website contact Shirley
  • request made that if the Metal lab is voted in as a firearms exception that the board hold off on in acting the policy until all the legal issues have been reviewed.

Bill Hudson maybe a good resource for the board to talk to having had experience in this area in the past.

  • parking request: Trae's bike in the meeting room
  • parking request: Alex's 3-D printer in the Bio lab
  • parking request: Sandy's Rubens tube (also known as a fire stick) in the Space lab
  • 2 lab spaces open for rent, a 3rd will be opening soon.

old business(Past Events)

  • Thanks to Sandy, Sally, Alex, Kurt, Greg, Britney and others you worked the RMM booth at the Woodlawn Street Market.
    • lots of questions from the community about RMM's non tech areas -ceramics, sewing, spinning wheels, Alex's wax melts.
    • got a good signup sheet of emails from the street market, questionnaire/survey to follow up soon- Sally heading this up.
    • focus on building up a class schedule this summer
    • advertise the space at Harbor Freight and Northern Tool? info displays for the registers?
    • Shirley requested someone who was at the street market do a write up so it can go on the RMM blog.

Show and Tell

  • Miriam brought a TCR bout booklet, in regards to the email sent out about advertising with the roller derby.
    • Shirley requests we wait to consider this when we have the RMM website better running and with more information.


Runoff votes from the Semi annual meeting.

  • Standing Rule: Adoption of Conflict of Interest Policy. Reason - to lay out a set of ground rules before there is a problem.
    • Option 1: River City Labs (7 votes)
    • Option 2: National Council of Non-profits (5 votes)
  • Standing Rule: proposed policy/guidelines for firearms in the makers space with exceptions for personal studios, and events hosted by the Firearms host.
    • Holsters and cases only. No drawn, or unattended firearms. (This allows for concealed weapons as well) (6 votes)
    • Concealed only, don't ask don't tell, (This Includes No drawn, or unattended firearms.)(8 votes)
  • Firearms policy exception: metal lab. (two exceptions have already passed)
    • yay (10 votes)
    • nay (5 votes)
  • Standing Rule Amendment: Dues rate increases Reason- RMM has a small internet increase of $4 a month, starting in July we will have a rent increase from $850 to $1000 (last year our rent was $750). Our treasurer has projected a potential $4000 shortfall by the end of the year if we have no growth in membership or increase in income. Rate increases is one of the ways proposed to increase funds.current rates are: Maker $20, Key holder $35, Draw $50, small room $100, large room $200, Lab host and family discount -$15
    • proposal 1. No increase to current rates. (see also voluntary additional donations policy) (6 votes)
    • proposal 4. Maker $20, raise Keyholder to $40, reduce Drawer to +$10 (keep total at $50), raise Rooms to +$80 ($120 total), double +$160 (left at $200), raise Lab host and family discount -$20, Admin -$10 Reason:this is to address difference in size of drawers and rooms, but also provide a bump in dues income to accommodate the rent increase. (10 votes)
  • Board Member at Large
    • Sally Kuhn (6 votes)
    • Shawn Pearson (9 votes)