2016-04-17 Maker Meet

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7pm- 7:25pm RMM Meetings are conducted using the Modified SRC3 format from the Dallas Makerspace.


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


  • miriam -minutes
  • sandy
  • kurt -moderator
  • shawn
  • john
  • steve s
  • chris
  • kris
  • daniel
  • alex
  • katie -joining the meeting in progress

Maker Meet, Show and Tell Agenda

Start Meeting

"Get comfortable and get quiet, we're starting."

"Can I have a new volunteer to take minutes?"

"Can I have a new volunteer to moderate?"

I. Previous Meeting Minutes

1. 2016-04-10 Maker Meet

"Does anyone have any revisions to the minutes?"

II. Consent Agenda

  • Items in the consent agenda are automatically approved unless they are moved to New Business -or- they receive objections.
  • Discuss these items ahead of time so that meetings will proceed quickly.
  • Be specific. Describe exactly what it is that you are asking the group for consensus approval.
  • Note: consent agenda closes 48 hours prior to the meeting (7:00 PM Friday)

"Does anyone have any items to pull out of the consent agenda for discussion?"

  • Michael Jones, request for room rental. "Any objections?"
  • $8 monthly phone plan. "Any objections?"
  • Let's pool up and get a new projector. Kurt is starting it off with $50.

"Does anyone have any other new items to add to the agenda? (if the moderator allows it)"

III. Lab Host Updates & Committee Reports

"Do the Lab Hosts have their reports?"

  • Bio Lab ()
  • Break Room (Stephen Ricks)
  • Ceramics Lab (Katie Elkins)
  • Circuits Lab (Greg Good)
  • Communal Area ()
  • Computer Lab (Chris Lais)
  • Fiber Lab (Miriam Omura)
  • Metal Lab (Heather Fox)
  • Photo Lab (under construction)
  • Print Lab (Sally Kuhn)
  • Shape Lab (Kurt Fattig)

IV. Old Business

"Moving on to Old Business!"

V. New Business

"Moving on to New Business!"

  1. Standard meeting business
    • Voting on nominees (only during the last meeting of the month)
  2. Proposal for three introductory Arduino Saturday classes with Joe Moore - from Shirley
Saturday, May 28th;
Saturday, August 13th;
Saturday, October 15th.
    • "Does anyone have anything else to bring up?"
  1. Let's finish this thing
    • "Are there any new nominations?"
    • "Are there any parking requests?"
    • "Does anyone have anything for Show-n-Tell?"

VI. Adjournment

"Meeting adjourned! Next meeting on Sunday at 7PM."

"RMM is now open for tours."


Previous minutes approved

Consent Agenda

  • Michael Jones approved for a room rental
  • $8 monthly phone plan approved
    • no out going calls to be made on the line as they will be an extra charge and RMM is on a tight budget.
    • for more detail talk to Kris K
  • new projector fund started by Kurt with $50
    • weekly progress will be give each week, please give donations to Kurt.

Committee updates

  • ceramics lab- meeting was held about the kiln interface, hood and ventilation system being planned out, Kurt helping with creating a "close off" gate for the area when kiln is in use to prevent people from being hurt/burnt
  • computer lab- request to have Stephen Ricks remove belongings, no parking request has been made for them.
  • print lab- printer table almost done, but printer seems to be on its last legs.
  • shape lab- demolition in the Safety area with Greg G./ Kurt F.; cubby's in the shape lab for storage of tools.
  • circuits lab- lab is organized and ready for use, please note any projects, tools, supplies left out without a parking request will become part of the Circuits lab.

Old Business


New Business

  • sally is creating a display area in the front room where the picnic table is, discussions of where the table should move to.
  • request for Ardino classes taught by Joe Moore on May 28th, Aug 13th, and Oct 15th.
    • May 28th is not available due to the 3D printing class given by Sandy and Michael J, other dates are clear and available.
  • parking request- please contact lab hosts when parking items in their lab.
  • clean up the meeting room

show and tell

  • Alex- strawberry wax melt in action in the meeting room this evening, yay it works and smells good, fills the whole meeting room area.
  • Sally- water sensor for measuring moisture levels in the planters out front, would love some help with the project so it will send a signal/message to her phone.
  • Sally- meeting bell made