2016-05-08 Maker Meet

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RMM Meetings are conducted using the Modified SRC3 format from the Dallas Makerspace.


RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Maker Meet, Show and Tell Agenda

Start Meeting

"Get comfortable and get quiet, we're starting."

"Can I have a new volunteer to take minutes?"

"Can I have a new volunteer to moderate?"

I. Previous Meeting Minutes

1. 2016-05-01 Maker Meet

"Does anyone have any revisions to the minutes?"

II. Consent Agenda

  • Items in the consent agenda are automatically approved unless they are moved to New Business -or- they receive objections.
  • Discuss these items ahead of time so that meetings will proceed quickly.
  • Be specific. Describe exactly what it is that you are asking the group for consensus approval.
  • Note: consent agenda closes 48 hours prior to the meeting (7:00 PM Friday)

"Does anyone have any items to pull out of the consent agenda for discussion?"

"Does anyone have any other new items to add to the agenda? (if the moderator allows it)"

  1. Item 1 goes here
  2. Item 2 goes here
  3. Item 3 goes here

III. Lab Host Updates & Committee Reports

"Do the Lab Hosts have their reports?"

  • Bio Lab (John Rhymes)
  • Break Room (Stephen Ricks)
  • Ceramics Lab (Katie Elkins)
  • Circuits Lab (Greg Good)
  • Communal Area (Kurt Fattig for the month of May)
  • Computer Lab (Chris Lais)
  • Fiber Lab (Miriam Omura)
  • Metal Lab (Heather Fox)
  • Photo Lab (under construction - Sandy Campbell slated to host)
  • Print Lab (Sally Kuhn)
  • Shape Lab (Kurt Fattig)

IV. Old Business

  • A reminder that meeting room and computer lab are reserved May 21st and 28th for 3D printer classes.
    • please clean the space for these classes, please keep space usage to a minimum on class dates.

V. New Business

"Moving on to New Business!"

  1. Standard meeting business
    • Voting on nominees (only during the last meeting of the month)
  2. Additional meeting business
    • Space Renovations: The toilet in the bathroom is out of commission. Do we want to start a fund for a new toilet (and new floor)? Or is there a volunteer to try and fix it? It would be nice to have this fixed prior to the next class on May 21.
    • "Does anyone have anything else to bring up?"
  3. Let's finish this thing
    • "Are there any new nominations?"
    • "Are there any parking requests?"
    • "Does anyone have anything for Show-n-Tell?"

VI. Adjournment

"Meeting adjourned! Next meeting on Sunday at 7PM."

"RMM is now open for tours."