2016-06-12 maker meet

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RMM 5502 1st ave N Birmingham, AL 35212


Sally, Daniel, Sandy, Kurt, John, Heather, Greg, Shirley, Alex Makers Karen, Christopher, Shay, Jay


  • SRC3 format from the Dallas Makerspace - [[1]]
  • New volunteer to take minutes? - Shirley
  • New volunteer to moderate? - Sandy

Maker Meet, Show and Tell Agenda

Every Sunday at 7pm

I. Previous Meeting Minutes

1. 2016-06-05 maker meet
2. [[ ]]

"Does anyone have any revisions to the minutes?"

II.Consent Agenda

note: consent agenda closes 48 hours prior to the meeting (7:00 PM Friday)

III.Committee Reports (we don't have committees - so we'll use this for Lab Host Updates)

  • Bio Lab - Karen tidied up the Bio Lab.
  • Ceramics Lab
  • Circuits Lab - Meters donated - by Kurt - Greg says Thanks.
  • Computer Lab
  • Fiber Lab
  • Break Room - project to update the donation jar for the drink fund. "Feed the Pig"
  • Metal Lab
  • Photo Lab
  • Print Lab
  • Shape Lab - Kurt (Shape Lab host) straightened up the red tool chest
  • Communal Area - Kurt and Lynn cleaned up the second meeting area - please keep it tidy. Shirley asked that

IV. Old Business

V. New Business

  • Art gallery project
  • Greg Good - asked for volunteers for PC refurbishment. Shirley and Christopher volunteered.
    • 3D computer lab printer server - is PC
    • 3D printer server software
  • Sally proposed a safety seminar - review of needed procedures
    • You must call 911
    • Need to detail procedure
    • Kurt reviewed with landlord, need to get the camera surveillance up.
    • Discussed project specifics
    • GASP project
    • Sally - People at Magic City Con were interested but were put off by the number of meetings.
    • Discussion of meeting names - need to make things more specific. Greg has turned notifications off.

1. Voting on nominees (some votes are not "consensus" style votes) 2. Any New Nominations? (for future votes) 3. Any Parking Requests? 4. Anyone got anything for Show-n-Tell?

    • Sally

VI. Adjournment

meeting adjourned till next week 7pm floor is now open for discussion and RMM tours