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Goal - Bring in Donations, Grant Funding, or Income to the Red Mountain Makers. A 501(c)3 Organization

To date: we've been busy building and have not had people available who've been able to consistently focus on fundraising.

Guide to RMM 2015/2016 Grants/Fundraising Info Share

  • Submitted Applications for Funding - Attach PDF of completed application and documentation of "Received Application Acknowledgement" from funding source)
  • Need to document and formalize our internal grant application process.

Funding Needs

The following is a list of things that we need or that we may be able to find/qualify for funding assistance: Rental space improvements to a century-old building in a distressed neighborhood:

  1. A couple of century-old doors need to be replaced to improve security and large object access.(highest priority)
  2. HVAC repairs/replacement - current condenser is between ten and sixteen years ald - current fan units in attic ceiling are older
  3. Ventilation improvements - need to get some exhaust venting into new areas and increase air turnover.
  4. Large equipment acquisition. A studio grade CNC carver, 4' x 5' CNC laser cutter and several additional 3D printers (UV/resin, clay, an introductory biologicals - (we may build that)), some Dremel workstations, better hand power tools suitable for studio work. Prices not yet lined up.
  5. A floating classroom set of laptops, Lego Mindstorm robots, and Arduino exploration kits with a wifi beacon that can operate independently of site IT systems (security concerns by schools, community centers, and community groups - one firewalled system that can hook in at _one_ point is easier to deal with. This may not end up with the makerspace - but I need to attach a price tag to the need I see.
  6. Containers to transport above. (Our city bus system sucks so bad - lower income students can't get out of their neighborhoods without an adult to drive them - and a lot of those adults are pushed for time. We need to be able to take stuff to the workshop or session site)
  7. Sourcing the beginnings of a starving makers' fund to ensure that students in our immediate area can also access the space and classes (supported by membership dues and class fees). I have plenty of local interest, but no "scholarships" fund for those who would need it. - Nice to have $5,000
  8. Beginning to build our "next space" renovation fund for 55?? 1st Avenue N (old Woolworth's building on the south side of 1st Ave N, beside the funeral home- Rough estimate from landlord - $50,000.
  9. Program development of a Woodlawn programming club - Teen tech skills development, deadline July 1, 2016
  1. Communications improvements - [1]


  1. Surplus federal property acquisition - [7]