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Note: This page contains instructions for RMM volunteers, members and staff regarding how to document incoming cash and equipment donations. Good documentation gives us the information we need to report to our community and potential donors how we've put their donations to work.

Cash Donations

RMM is a501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax deductible.

Donations may be earmarked for either an equipment fund, consumables fund or for a specific equipment purchase. RMM retains the right to return accepted funds that have been earmarked for a specific piece of equipment if they disagree with its purpose at any point. Membership may also propose alternatives to the donor. Donors may not dictate the use of the equipment or consumables to the membership, however, they may vocalize requests before donation. As per [ RMM general meeting, March 27, 2016]

Make your donation

Once the donation has been accepted, if the donation is more than $250, a donation acknowledgement letter must be sent.

Note: If you are a member looking to pay your dues, see the Autopay page instead.

Donations of Goods

Inexpensive items

Label it with which lab it is going to, and if it is loaned write your name and contact info on it. If it is donated write "RMM" on it. There is label printer in the third from top left drawer in the office. Use for labeling storage and equipment.

Major equipment

Wish list

See Our current wish list


  • As of June 2015, we are no longer receiving donations of old computer hardware. We have sufficient in inventory for projects. We will continue to accept donations of newer computers (2012 or more recent).
  • Donations of goods and equipment may be given to RMM directly.
  • Please contact a Board member or a lab host to make arrangements to receive the donation.
  • Tax receipts for donations to RMM will be issued by RMM at the end of year.
  • The Hardware & Goods Donation Form is a fillable PDF. You can fill it out electronically by saving a copy to your local drive, or print and write in the information by hand.

Board members & lab hosts: Please ensure that the hardware & goods donation and loan form is completed when receiving goods or equipment.

  1. Fill out the paper donation/loan form by the entrance.
  2. Please help us make and maintain tool pages! All the tools in the categories below are automatically populated through our Equipment registry. Sometimes the tool pages are hard to find because of the site indexing, please make sure not to create duplicate tool pages. If you find a tool that doesn't have a label and/or a tool page please make one and notify the appropriate area host. We use tool pages to collect pertinent information including, but not limited to: current status, downloads for manuals/drivers/software, maintenance schedules, basic operation, authorization procedures, links to other information on the internet, lists of qualified authorizers and authorized users.
  3. Make contact with the host of the lab you are bringing the equipment into.
  4. If you require a tax receipt, fill out donor form.
  5. you can enter the same information into our archive for tax purposes: Our spreadsheet record of current equipment and ownership :Contact secretary[at] redmountainmakers [dot] org for assistance

Editing the spreadsheet

  1. Download the spreadsheet
  2. Add your entries with a unique 3 letter, 3 number ID. Ensure that there is a link to any online copies of equipment manuals
  3. Write that ID on a colored sticker. Put the sticker on the equipment.
  4. When finished, upload the spreadsheet to the RMM Google Drive account into the Equipment Inventory and documentation folder.

Required steps:

  1. Complete the hardware & goods donation form.
  2. Give a photocopy of the completed form to the donor or their representative delivering the donation.
  3. Add incoming equipment to the RMM Equipment Inventory.
  4. Sign off the form when completed.
  5. Submit the hardware & goods donation form to the Treasurer so that a tax receipt may be mailed.
  6. Check with the donor as to how they would like to be acknowledged. For tax deductions, we must provide a donor acknowledgement letter.
    Send a thank you note.
    Other possibiliites include writing a post on our blog publicly thanking the donor and a listing on our Supporters page. Posts written on the blog will also be sent out to Twitter and Facebook with a link back to the post.