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Monday, May 12, 2014


Alabama Surplus Auction, 4590 Mobile Hwy, Montgomery, AL 36108
organized by ADECA (Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs)



Relevant websites

ADECA government surplus website
Eligibility to apply for government surplus items for use in educational programs

I drove down to the ADECA warehouse in Montgomery to view the items to be sold on Monday, May 12th. This was one of two viewing days before the auction on May14th.

Viewing days:
Monday, May 12th, 8 am - 4 pm.
Tuesday, May 13th, 8 am - 4 pm.
Sale day, Wednesday, May 14th, 8 am - 4 pm.
Terms: Payment terms - cash or cashier's check (?). Company or personal check must be accompanied by a bank letter of credit specifying the amount of credit and period of validity.
Purchases must be removed within 7 days of auction (one week).
Any unpaid lots as of the Friday after the sale, will be resold the following Monday and Tuesday on a "first come, first paid" basis.

This is one of three big sales organized by ADECA each year. The next one will be some time in September. I've asked to have our group added to the email notification list.

Lot list

Basic rules:

Person attending the auction must register as a bidder using picture ID and SSN or FEIN.

Other sales:

GovDeals - online surplus sales
GSA Auctions

While looking over the goods for sale, I stopped and talked to Pete Shepard, who was looking over stock and lots for his Florida-based incubator/lab/. He said that much of the higher tech equipment that we are likely to be looking for will be sold at sales in North and South Carolina, and in Atlanta.


We can pass on this sale. However, we should attend the September sale, and also investigate sales in Atlanta and at the online sites as ways to acquire specific equipment. If attending the September sale, will need to make arrangements for either a cashiers check or get a bank letter to take to the sale. This will require a few weeks advance preparation.

-user:Velochicdunord May 12, 2014