Be excellent to each other

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Being an asshole is most heinous! Be excellent, dudes and dudettes!

Ways to be excellent

the points following each rule are not rules but suggestions on how to follow them

1. Be excellent to each other!

  • Remember that inattention is more likely to be the cause of something you consider un-excellent than malice... and act accordingly.
  • Do not be mean to people, Be kinder, more helpful, more generous than anyone else.
  • Everybody’s different. Deal with it.
  • Take it upon yourself to take the extra step to bridge communication
  • Everyone has different skills and skill levels. Help them grow.
  • When you can't solve a problem with a person, try helping them solve a problem with their project.

2. Be excellent to projects

  • Make something new and exciting.
  • Go beyond the commonplace to the extraordinary.
  • Remember, first attempts are never perfect.
  • But big unrealistic dreams can end up awesome.
  • Let's Help others make it better with constructive criticism and encouraging suggestions

3. Be excellent to the Space

  • leave it in better shape than you found it. (Clean up after yourself when you leave. Put your project in your storage bin, throw away any scrap materials, throw away your empty food containers, etc. Put tools back where you got them. If you got them from a random spot on a table, put it where it belongs)
  • that means clean up after yourself AND others.
  • Lets do what needs to be done without being prompted.
  • But if someone asks you to help clean, help them out
  • Lastly Lets be safe and Look out for other people's safety.