Brother Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine

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Brother Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine
Owner/Loaner RMM
Make/Model DB2-B716-403AB
Arrival Date July 2014
Usable yes
Contact Mykel Alvis, Shirley Hicks or Celeste Phau
Where Fiber Lab
Certification Needed yes
Hackable no
Estimated Value $300.00

Brother Heavy Duty Industrial Sewing Machine



B707 instruction manual (applies to the B716 as well). Review before using machine!
Brother DB2-B716-403AB service manual
DB2-B716-403AB parts manual


Parts available from Henderson Sewing


Supplies (needles, large spools of heavy duty thread) must be ordered from Henderson Sewing Machine Company of Andulusia, AL
Use Schmetz #16 or #18 needles only.
  • No.16 for all regular fabrics (use lighterweight thread)


  • Canu 14:25:1
  • NM: 100 SIZE: 16
  • DBx1
  • 16 x 231 (or 257)
  • 287 WH
  • 1738(A)
  • No. 18 for leather and webbing (use heavy weight thread)
Do not use needles for home-use machines on professional machines
  • Different performance characteristics & needle shape


Needle position very important
  • Position so that groove in needle is on left side, notch in needle on right

Maintenance notes

This machine requires regular professional maintenance. Required when there is no more oil in the bottom pan.
Last maintenance - 1 December 2014. Will be every two - three years.
Technician - Walter Holder. Maintains most commercial machines in the region
$99 + parts per service call
Available to run training classes - see phone number in supplier directory
Training cost effective with 4 or more students

This tool requires certification for use.

List of Currently Certified Users

Qualified Member Trained By
Mykel Alvis Himself
Shirley Hicks Walter Holder
Miriam Omura Trae Watson
Baird Castleberry Miriam Omura