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City of Birmingham business license

We have a City of Birmingham business license/taxpayer ID.

The treasurer holds our City of Birmingham Taxpayer Account Number.

Also see scan in docs repository.


  • Annual business license cost is $200.
  • The business license must be renewed annually, between December 15th and January 1.
  • The City of Birmingham will send notification to the Treasurer's attention at our mailing address.
  • Renewals can be done online.


  • Before the 20th of each month, a "Employer's Return of Occupational Tax Withheld" must be submitted, reporting the amount of Occupational Tax withheld for the previous month. In our case, until (and if) we have paid staff, that will be zero. A penalty of $50 will charged each time a report is late. City of Birmingham's Online Tax Filing and Payment System.
  • Any late payments during the year must be paid at the end of the year, or else our City of Birmingham business license will not be renewed.

General Notes

Jefferson County business license

We do not have a Jefferson County business license/taxpayer ID.

As a non-profit, we do not have to have one or register to have one until we are:

a) selling taxable goods (supplies, kits), or
b) have employees on whom we must pay occupational taxes.

Shirley visited the Jeffco Courthouse November 15th 2015. This is what she was told.

State of Alabama business license/taxpayer ID

<to come>

State of Alabama Certificate of Exemption

New legislation passed August 19th 2015 requires that all organizations that don't hold a certificate of exemption from sales taxes pay sales taxes. The only organizations that now qualify are K-12 schools, universities, and organizations that are members of the United Way. RMM is not one of those.

Alabama Association of Nonprofits update
State application for certificate of exemption form
List of exempt organizations