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From time to time, the group will receive offers of community service to fulfil terms of probation.

What is required from RMM

  • Letter from RMM to the probation officer to state the nature of our organization (that we are indeed a non-profit charitable organization).

Responsibilities of the person doing the community service

  • The contact information of a specific office or parole officer contact information so that we may address the letter from RMM appropriately.
  • Provide correct spelling and full name (for letter and records).
  • The person performing the community service is responsible for keeping a record of his or her hours of community service performed.
  • The person doing the community service must make arrangements with one or more key-holding members to verify his volunteer hours and to sign-off on his reporting record.

Responsibilities of key-holding members providing supervision

  • A supervising member (or members) must take responsibility for the volunteer within the space and ensure that he or she works on appropriate tasks that will help RMM fulfil its mission. Depending on the volunteer's skill set, this may range from help with demolition and build outs, to helping prepare lessons, teaching and promotional materials or solving outstanding technical problems.
  • The supervising member must sign off on the community service volunteer's time-tracking record to verify that time worked.


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