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Download our logo in .svg (vector) format
Other logo files:

RMM B&W reversed logo (png)
RMM color logo (ai, vector)
RMM color logo (svg alternate version)
RMM color logo (jpg)
RMM color logo (png)
Logo history

We didn't note original logo font at time of use. It is lost in the mists of memories, past member's minds and time.

The logo design does not reverse easily into a white on dark color presentation. The font is also not easily read when the logo is small. This is a design failing - will have to be addressed in a next iteration.

Do not display the logo over patterned or coloured backgrounds. As much as possible, keep it on white or light-colored backgrounds.


Logo colors

Color Name Pantone CMYK (print) RGB (screen) Hex Usage
Dark Red Pantone 1805 C C21 M97 Y91 K12 R178 G40 B45 #B2282D Logo, brochures, print materials
Red Pantone 1788 C C0 M96 Y83 K0 R244 G37 B52 #F42534 Logo, brochures, print materials
Light Red Pantone 1805 C C0 M59 Y19 K0 R244 G141 B159 #F48D9F Logo, brochures, print materials
Black Black C0 M0 Y0 K100 R0 G0 B0 #000000 Everything
White White C0 M0 Y0 K0 R255 G255 B255 #FFFFFF Everything

Working design color palette

Color Name Pantone CMYK (print) RGB (screen) Hex Usage
Really dark red -- C35 M91 Y93 K54 R97 G25 B14 #61190E Supporting elements, currently in background of new website
Very light taupe -- C4 M4 Y8 K0 R241 G238 B230 #f1eee6 content area background on new website
Light taupe -- C10 M9 Y18 K0 R227 G222 B206 #e3dece Supporting elements, content area background on new website
Medium taupe -- C18 M15 Y30 K0 R210 G204 B180 #d2ccb4 Being considered for additional background elements
Dark taupe -- C29 M24 Y38 K0 R185 G180 B159 #b9b49f Being considered for additional background elements
Black Black C0 M0 Y0 K100 R0 G0 B0 #000000 Everything
White White C0 M0 Y0 K0 R255 G255 B255 #FFFFFF Everything
Color palette. Built in Illustrator. Can be directly imported into Photoshop and InDesign to bring in default logo color palletes
Photoshop color palette. Built in Photoshop, has additional supporting colors currently in development use on next website.


Display font (headers, signage) - WorldsatWarBB
Body copy - Corbel 11 pt/12.5 pt (points).
Body sub-headers - Corbel Bold 11 pt/12.5 pt.
Not yet translated to ems for web use. Need to find equivalent font or switch base font to good screen/print font match.
Link to font set

Next font set

To be chose during next iteration of website development

Next font set should be chosen with the following qualities:

  • Versions of the font available for use both as a print font (.otf or .ttt) and as a Google web font (accessible within the WP Divi theme font selector tools)

Flyers and promotional cards

Most of our existing literature is built in Illustrator or InDesign. It depended on who was creating it - and their preferences

2-sided z-fold brochure, final PDF
Needs Spanish translation?
Design details: Margins 1.5p/18 pts/0.25"
8.5 x 11 Bulletin board flyer
4-up 1/4 page english handout, designed to be run as a work-and-turn.
Design details: Margins 1.5p/18 pts/0.25"
1/4 page english handout, back and front.
1/4 page spanish handout, back and front.
Design details: Margins 1.5p/18 pts/0.25"


Large display posters

Member docs

Member card


Business plan
Annual report 2015
Lab binder covers
Design details: Margins 6p/1" left and right, 3p/0.5" top and bottom.

Artwork repository

Restricted access file - email redmtnadmin at redmountainmakers dot org if access needed

Or email me I guess. James (talk)

Current website


Rework theme developed by Ann G so that it's child theme of "Sporty" (originally derived from "Sporty") - work being done by Velochicdunord
- DONE!! Feb 2016
- DEPLOYED!! early March 2016

Next iteration of website

  • Within WordPress framework, using:
  • Font set (carrying on from RMM-Sport): Verdana, Geneva, sans-serif;

Membership plugin possibilities

  • [Paid Memberships Pro] - nope
  • s2Membership - nope
  • Ultra Pro - nope
  • WooCommerce Memberships - best integration with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Subscriptions - NOW WORKING!!!! (September 4th, 2016)
  • Need to add liability waiver as separate term of use of space
  • Need to add terms & conditions of use of website
  • Need to add privacy statement regarding how we handle information submitted.

Evaluations of membership plugins

Under the hood

For SEO:

Branding tasks

Photo library

  • Build a photo and image library
    • Gather, collate, edit and label digital photos into a digital photo library for use with RMM materials.
    • tag with image size, appropriate use, dates, people (as much as possible) activity type.
    • Determine repository location (currently, mostly within the wiki photo library)

Design next iteration of logo, branding, colors and themes

  • This is a significant task -- not to be started until web site framework rework is complete.
  • Requirements: logo and any supporting graphics need to work as one color designs, both black on white and reversed out (printed in white or black on coloured t-shirts and promotional material)
  • Logo needs to be modular, so that mark and type can work in horizontal, compact and vertiical applications
  • Logo should be usable in both 3D printing, CNC cutting, digital graphics and illuminated installations.
  • Fun, playful, inviting and intelligent.
  • Have a sense of humor.