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Typically when someone wants to do or change something big at the Red Mountain Makerspace, they bring it up at a meeting and/or discuss it on the mailing list. Most of the time many of us just don't want to be troubled with spending a week figuring out if everyone is ok with a small or mundane thing, and so there's Do-ocracy. Do-ocracy tends to work just as long as our only rule is followed, don't be an asshole. If yall need more direction try to instead, be excellent to each other.

Do-ocracy: If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.

Use Cases

The Short Version

  1. Dick asks around if anyone would feel negative about the 3D printer being pink. No one does.
  2. Dick paints the 3D printer pink.

The Being Excellent To Each Other Version

  1. Dick paints the 3D printer pink.
  2. Jane becomes unhappy about the fact that the 3D printer she helped build is now pink.
  3. Jane politely engages Dick in discussion about why he thought this was ok. Dick realized that other people he shares the space with have feelings too.
  4. Jane and Dick decide to repaint the 3D printer blue.


  • Do-ocracy works most of the time. When it doesn't it REALLY sucks.
  • If someone nicely asks you to change something back, be nice back and just change it back.
  • If someone's being a dick to you about something you've changed, be nice and just change it back. If you must cry about it only do so after you've restored things.